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GPL killed the MPAA star

“Nothing of value is free. It is very easy, Mr. Chairman, to convince people that it is in their best interest to give away somebody else’s property for nothing, but even the most guileless among us know that this is a cave of illusion where commonsense is lured and then quietly strangled.”

– Jack Valenti, MPAA

“If you design your own machine, you can’t fuss at people, because you’re one of just a few. How many Linux users are there?”

– Jack Valenti, MPAA

Thanks to Gianni and Tig for help with script development.

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Everybody loves Eric Raymond goes all quiet, and so does ESR (thank God). Is there a connection?

Once I tried to get ESR as a guest speaker for the CS dept at my university. The school wouldn’t give the $$$ unless ESR would talk w/ them and provide some personal info to prove who he was. He ended up telling me off over the phone and said I could “go to hell”. What a nice guy!

All the more reason ELER was hilarious to me. Damned Leach is just like every other flake on the Internet – he won’t even let us know when the comic is officially dead!

*smacks Leach with a big, smelly trout*


Correlation does not prove causation. Just because ELER is silent doesn’t mean that ESR will stay silent, though I assume that ESR STFU because he was being hounded in-earnest on many fronts.

ELER will return, bet on it… just don’t bet on when, and don’t bet on ELER providing nearly the same amount of ‘poke’ at ESR’s expense, since most of the funny/embarrassing activity on ESR’s part has stopped. The material has to come from somewhere.

And yes, ESR is goatse personified. The remain question becomes, “who is ‘the giver’ for ESR?” Leach is one answer, though I am sure there are others less metaphoric.

Hey! I “doubt” Obama is a Muslim too! Does that make me a core linux developer alpha male too? I’m not congenitally handicapped though: maybe that blows my chances there?

reiser update.
reiser update!
Reiser update!
Reiser Update!
REISER Update!

Please please please give us a Reiser update comic!

-The Internet

Hey, ESR’s blog says he was gone this whole time due to some top secret lawsuit… and ELER was gone that whole time too….

Maybe ESR brought a libel lawsuit against ELER!

You know, it’s quite possible that, since ESR is now so totally irrelevant and obscure (I mean, have you *read* that blog lately?), the best thing would be to leave him to rot in exile.

I think ESR says it best: “If anything, my neurological bent resembles subclinical Tourette’s Syndrome. But here I come out as a neurotypical with a balance of intellectual and physical talents, which seems about right.” (see the full discourse on his blog).

Actually, even though it is obscure and irrelevant, I still can’t stop reading ESR’s blog.

If I knew a raving nazi gun nut in real life, but who was totally harmless (in a wheelchair, say) and who thought so highly of himself…I’d probably want to listen to his hilarious rantings. It’s either pure comedic dynamite, or pisses me off and reminds me of why I hate nazi gun nuts. A killer combination.

I dunno, I mean raving nazi gun nuts can be hilarious, I suppose. It’s just I sort O.D.ed on this species of buffoon in college.

But yeah, his blog is part guilty pleasure, part fodder for, you know, that great novel I’m going to write some day. (haha)

Calling him “Nazi” is silly in the literal sense, sure; but he’s the American equivalent. I think it was Orwell who pointed out that when or if fascism came to England, it wouldn’t be doing the goose-step in jackboots and waving the Swastika flag. Likewise, native American fascism doesn’t bear much resemblance to the German breed; but as shorthand, “Nazi” will do as a summary of Mr. Raymond’s opinions. Try this experiment: do a global substitution of “Judeo-Bolshevik” for “Islamo-Fascist” throughout his blog. What political ideology do you come up with?

Thank you Cassandra, you put it perfectly. Check the comments of esr’s most recent blog post. He’s subtly racist, because he knows the world is anti-racist right now, but it comes through between the lines.

Reading esr’s blog is soo much better than masturbation. In fact, combining the two activities is something everyone should try — once — before he/she dies.

Aleandro: El autor (John Leach) utiliza una combinación de dos software de edición gráfica libres: Inkscape, dibujo vectorial (para diagramar las tiras y hacer los globos de diálogo) y GIMP, edición de imágenes (para editar las fotografías en sí y armar las escenas que ocurren adentro de cada cuadrito).

Damn it, ESR’s site gets hacked, and Sarah Palin exists. Two reason why there should be a new ELER, and we still don’t even have a new one as a result of Hans Reiser news.

If we do get to the year mark before any updates I’m removing this from my bookmarks. I suppose I should have done this about 6 months ago but I just keep hoping it’ll come back.

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