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GPL killed the MPAA star

“Nothing of value is free. It is very easy, Mr. Chairman, to convince people that it is in their best interest to give away somebody else’s property for nothing, but even the most guileless among us know that this is a cave of illusion where commonsense is lured and then quietly strangled.”

– Jack Valenti, MPAA

“If you design your own machine, you can’t fuss at people, because you’re one of just a few. How many Linux users are there?”

– Jack Valenti, MPAA

Thanks to Gianni and Tig for help with script development.

165 replies on “GPL killed the MPAA star”

I think “It had a good run” is a better subheading, before becoming a footnote in Internet history.

I honestly wish I had the time to devote to creating ELER fan-comics, because there’s so much great IT to make fun of every day!

I urge anyone capable of doing so to go for it and post the link here while people will still be checking.

Thanks in advance!

Some of these are so well … researched, for want of a better word. When they’re bad, they’re pretty bad… But when they’re good, they’re the best!

Would be nice to see another…

This sucks. ELER was awesome.

Maybe if we all hope and pray and chant it might be resurrected some day.

*searches for copy of Necronomicon*


“If he did kill his wife, which is nowhere near certain, and then subsequently chopped up the body, I bet the pieces are of manageable size and spread evenly throughout a wooded area for easy, order-N retrieval… ”

MORE REISER JOKES NOW???????????????

ubuntu is already releasing more often then this comic.

who wanna bet when it will loose to debian too?

I’m not real happy with this new version of reiserfs, anyway. The last time I deleted something, I couldn’t find the passenger seat from my car!


Does anyone here know how to use the Gimp and have a keen sense of IT humor?

We need someone to take over the comic before it’s too late! Seriously!!

I’d be willing to donate at least $20 for a well-made and hilarious ELER resurrection comic, and I daresay I may not be the only one.

Any takers?


I don’t see any link to a website in any of your messages.

I don’t think you can post /any/ URL’s through this comment system.

Can you instead try splitting it up like:



Looks like the AC who keeps posting the super-long frowny face overflowed the comment system and *somebody* had to erase the last few posts.

Maybe he’s still alive and reading this now!

(pretty please?)


Woohoo! It’s now exactly 6 months since the last update! Yay!

…wait, that’s not good at all. How about one last strip with the words “the end” and be done with it?

– Res

I concur with Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR).

The ambiguity of ELER’s status is the really annoying part.

John: either bring it back or officially kill it. You owe us that much.


“Hans Reiser Offers To Lead Cops to Nina’s Body”

Say it ain’t so, Hans!

My favorite quote:
“The sad thing is that more people have worked on ReiserFS than just Hans; the ReiserFS file system is now being discredited solely by the actions of Hans, even though this, of course, in a professional way has no influence on the code or the possible technical excellence of the file system itself. I find that to be a very sad state of affairs, since art (which code pretty much is) should never be discredited on the basis of its maker.”

ZFS ftw!

That could be true if he’s guilty, too.

Say, if he put her in a wood chipper, or acid.

I’m just sayin’ that “no body” doesn’t prove his innocence.

Now, having her walk back into the daylight, *that* would prove it.

Time to fire-up the cloning machine.

“Very bizarre. I can’t imagine how you’ll get enough yuks out of
the premise to sustain an entire strip.” Sometimes ESR is right.

I vote for calling it a series, the Reiser comic is still the only thing on this site worth reading.

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