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GPL killed the MPAA star

“Nothing of value is free. It is very easy, Mr. Chairman, to convince people that it is in their best interest to give away somebody else’s property for nothing, but even the most guileless among us know that this is a cave of illusion where commonsense is lured and then quietly strangled.”

– Jack Valenti, MPAA

“If you design your own machine, you can’t fuss at people, because you’re one of just a few. How many Linux users are there?”

– Jack Valenti, MPAA

Thanks to Gianni and Tig for help with script development.

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Haha! That would be really, relly funny if I just didn’t hate these greedy bastards pictured.

Good job!

The comment thread following the first Matthew Garret post is an epic comitragedy of retards reveling in being deprived of their rights.

Thanks for writing a new comic! Unfortunately, this one is crap.

“Nothing of value is free. Except Ubuntu.”
Except that line. That’s funny.

Haha everyone is giving you hell about not posting for so long but that is just because they are broken and forgotten and alone, and resent you for not being the thing that rescues their pointless existence from complete irrelevance. Oh wait, that’s me. Nevermind.

vr is too easily amazed, then. ELER misses a lot of stuff since it jumped the shark.

It had a good run, had a few funny moments, but one thing these sorts of online comics are not about is longevity.

ELER doesn’t miss a lot because it jumped the shark; ELER misses a lot because it’s rarely updated. By the time a comic is made and released, those “perfect” opportunities are mostly forgotten.

Also, I’d pay money to see any one of the ELER “characters” actually jumping a shark in the next comic.

I second Jim’s comment on lots of once-important software leaders having jumped the shark.

So has ELER jumped yet???

And Linus _is_ still going.


So has ELER jumped yet???

No, ELER is the shark. It attacks without warning or provocation. Often its target(s) are simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing something stupid.

Sharks normally make one swift attack, and then retreat and wait for the victim to die, or exhaust itself, before they come back to feed.

This explains the weeks-at-a-time wait between episodes of the strip.

I am the psychotherapist. Please, describe your problems. Each time you are
finished talking, type RET twice.

When will there be a new ELER strip?

What do you think?

I don’t know. It seems like it might be a long time coming.

Why do you say that?

Well, let’s look at how the strip has been slowing down generally. It’s kind
of a shame.

Is it because the strip has been slowing down generally it’s kind of a shame
that you came to me?

Yeah, there aren’t any other credible sources of information. Might as well
go with you.

Earlier you said the strip has been slowing down generally it’s kind of a

It’s a funny strip! It would be nice if it came out more frequently.

Maybe your plans have something to do with this.

I… can’t think of any plans that hinge on ELER.

Does it bother you that hinge on eler?

Yeah, I think it does.

Am I the only one thinking it’s mighty weird that the video that was posted on youtube had the identifier which from `l33t spik’ translates as:
`Pubes Analysis’??

On behalf of the dedicated fans of this never-updated comic, I would like to thank Jim Thompson for providing the above two links to FSJ humor related to RMS. It may not be ELER, but it’s better than nothing!


Regarding Fake Steve Jobs’ blog… The pics were cool, but the posts themselves were like “meh”.

I mean, the concept of “it’s funny because person X is doing something completely outrageous that we all know s/he would never do” is kinda lame. What next? Jessica Tandy snowboarding? (Well, she probably is doing something way cooler, like flying and stuff with her angel-wing things)

Now, rms visiting “ – hot seedling action!” IS funny, because the joke actually embraces the character in all his quirky, unsettling glory. And the idea of rms doing anything porn-related, is, well… ewwwwwwwwww.

But probably I’m biased, since I’m a rabid rms fanboy/GNU zealot.

RMS steps down as Emacs maintainer. Fidel Castro steps down as Cuban president. Coincidence? What are they planning?

Now all we need is an appropriately amusing ELER episode!

Proposed.. “Gilligan’s Island” (series of) strip(s).

Skipper: ESR
Gilligan: Linus (Russ Nelson would be better)
Professor: RMS
Thurson Howell: Mark Shuttleworth
“Lovey” Howell: ???
Mary Ann: ???
Ginger: ???

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