Everybody Loves Eric Raymond is a web comic depicting the very real lives of Richard Stallman, Eric Raymond and Linus Torvalds as accurately as comedically possible.

Their real lives, which include living together in a house, with dynamic dimensions, without their wives or girlfriends. Also, they always wear the same clothes. And don’t move their eyes much.


ELER was created by John Leach and is co-written by Louisa Parry with help from friends and random strangers (via the wiki). Regular contributors include Gianni Tedesco, Roel Teuwen and Jim Thompson. It’s created and published weekly, using only free software.

Feedback is always appreciated, whether by email or by the “comments” link on each strip.

Feel free to send in Eric, Richard or Linus photos for use as heads.

All ELER script development takes place on the wiki. If you’d like to contribute, sign up for an account and start adding ideas or comments.

As of May 2006, the Gimp and Inkscape source files for each strip are available. See the SourceCode page at the wiki.


Everybody Loves Eric Raymond is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Some of the photos of the heads are of unknown origin and therefore unknown license, so be careful. If any of the photos belong to you and you would like to grant me permission (or want me to stop using them) then get in touch.

When attributing the work, just link back to here

9 replies on “About”

Hi there,

I love your strips, they are hilarious.

Have you discovered — Eric teaching us about being subtle in a subtle(?) way?

He was so subtle that most people did not understand he was being subtle, indeed, which is why apparently he needed to update that entry: “UPDATE: For those of you who missed the subtlety (which was a surprising lot of you) I was quite polite to this guy on the phone.” ;)


Yeah okay, look; I think ESR lets people get enthusiastic about RMS. People don’t get excited about liberty of LGBTs by mythic reamings by scores of burly (yet oddly androgynous) brutes, they get excited by edgy slice-o-life jibes by the Ellens and Robin Williams (no, not at Oasis, the stand-up who ah, played The Genie, and nevermind straightness too) and Harings.

Excitement tends to mean people buying more eclairs, but you have Eric stood up in a bad way way worse than free last eclairs. Embrace and extend the hate a bit more creatively please. I mean, you’re really digging into Eric.

I wrap…FREEDOM! Which is made in a plant that does not process tree nuts.


I’d just like to say that this comic is hilarious. The thing that really makes it for me is the way these guys all live in the same house, and no other elements of real life make any appearance. It’s sort of like a crazy dream.

Also, I like how Linus always seems to have a different picture on his shirt.

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