ELER highlights 2008

ELER lazily reuses previous strips and jokes in an attempt to sell more tshirts. yawn.

Holy shit I’ve forgotten how to use Gimp and Inkscape it’s been so long. In fact, I still remember how to use them but they’ve changed so much! Luckily, they have so many awesome new features this strip took half the time to make – which brings the average down to a sweet 3.5 months or so. And GIMP now supports CMYK!! – expect ELER in printed book form by next Xmas! Assuming analogue books will still be available then. And that we have enough oil left to transport them around.

The hiatus was due to upstream. Though normal programming may or may not resume shortly. Promises will not be made, guarantees surely broken, hope sold on ebay.

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but he is still paying for the hosting of eler. it means there may still be some chance of a new strip.

“Here is the sad part for me.
esr predicted that the comic would die.
and it has.”

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

I’m going to hijack this thread as my blog.

Day One.

Checked ELER for update, as friend asked me had I seen latest post. Friend is now on a certain list. Oh yes….

Realised that the word blog is listed as an incorrect word. This restores my faith in humanity a little….

Then remember first comment and begin to circle the event horizon of that death by a million cuts, the door of which is unbridled hope, which opens to the long descent into soul eating despair.

Really true.

Day Two

Who Knew?

Screencasting is a right royal PITA to get in one take. 9! attempts later I have a few passable vids.

Checked ELER again. I live in, what is laughingly called, hope. I think that faith is more apt here. Blind stupidity has not been ruled out.


December 21, 2012 – A new ELER strip is published.

Sometime after, millions of *nix administrators die of a shock induced heart attack, and critical infrastructure is left unmaintained. Major companies go bankrupt as their servers succumb to threats normally mitigated by vigilant admins. The economies of the United States and the European Union collapse. Major military powers blame the incident on Chinese cyberwarfare, and invade the nation. Nuclear war ensues.

Day Three

I see I have been lax in updating my glog. (Guerilla Blog. Think of Banksy in blog form. But less artistic. Maybe I should expand to other ‘sites’ comments.)

However, this is not so important.

What is important is how I could monetise this? Impossible! I hear you cry. Really? I don’t know, stranger things have made money. More popular services have failed to make money. Ideas on how we can make money, (by we I mean me), submit to me here using this comment section.

You will be rewarded. If not here, then in the next life. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, then do it for the love of not being a believer in reincarnation.

Hush Julian; if they know there’s a new ELESR episode in your secret files they’ll come and kill you just on principle. Watch out; these people are Armed and Dangerous. Or at least less than completely harmless.

John is now shutting down the store that sold t-shirts. Seems he’s busy with his Rails hosting biz.

It’s now been 2 years (for sure) since the last comic.

But hope springs eternal!

So I came for the first time in many many months havining the feeling there would be a new strip.

I was so dissaponit when I saw here and actually not even bothering with spelling, grammat or enven making sense in this post noe

I just wanted to keep the dream alive a little. *sigh*.

As much as I like xkcd it just isn’t the same.

Oh! The comic! The new ELER comic is coming! I’ve been waiting so long, and now I know it’s almost here! I feel like I’m about to burst!

I’ve kept it around, in my RSS feed. I’ve kept it around for all this time, and soon the new comic will appear and it will be fantastic!

Shall we wait together, stranger?

Whoa! It’s been 13 years since I found this webcomic when I was interning at Nokia. Time sure flies when you wait for a new strip!

This will be the Year of the Linux Desktop *and* new ELER! I can feel it!

Honestly, I’ll settle for either of those. Well, not that anybody has *desktops* any more.

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