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Don’t buy from ATI

everybody loves eric raymond episode 47 strip


“It all started, like most good protests, with a trip to Kinko’s printing to make a sign. The request came from Richard Stallman for a 3’x2′ sign, mounted and able to be carried with one hand easily. Several frustrating minutes with Inkscape, two trips to the store and one foam-core backing later, we had our sign, and it stated our message clearly in black letters on white background:”

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Unions sure do inspire astounding quantities of emotion. That’s one good reason all by itself to try to step back and take the time to seriously examine the issue. Otherwise you just end up spouting other peoples platitudes.

For anyone interested, there’s

I’m sure other folks will be glad to post opposing viewpoints.

Meh, apologies for the severely screwed up number agreement there. It should have read “opinions on the monarchy”. Naturally.

Anyway. Does anyone know if ELER has a Livejournal syndication feed?

Wrestler, by Cromm No! I agree with Jefferson that the government that governs least governs best. The best government is therefore no government at all.

Republicans enjoy spending other people’s money, extracted by force, just like Democrats and every other person who tells you they know better than you do how to live your life.

Beware anyone who says “we must”. They really mean, “I want, with your money.”

Damn dude, that’s harsh. Greatly amusing, but harsh. Looks like stallman’s rhetoric here was more pretty effective- at least people know there’s an isssue. Hey Eric, where’s the code, dude? What? You mean you couldn’t just reverse ATI’s latest cards in between shooting things? Pitty that.


25% of iraqi children malnourished, should be boycotting oil and it’s products such as computers and electricity, enemy of brown children.

Robeson, yeah! You could start by boycotting all food, since it’s transported by oil using engines. Heck, it’s made using oil consuming engines too! Don’t forget to eschew all water, since it’s pumped by electricity.

And let’s not define “malnourished” clearly because it seems to help your argument. There have been several instances of staticians including children who are obese and/or eat junk food in the “malnourised” category. Malnourished literally mean badly fed. It does *not* directly mean underfed. Before you continue to spread a meaningless statistic, at least look up what it means, not what you want it to mean.


They live in the desert FFS why should we give them food, maybe they shoud do some thing like.. oh i don’t know, LIVE IN A PLACE WITH WATER AND SOIL

I boycott ATI products. AMD could possibly on the list. I decided to do so, influencing others not to buy ATI, due to the main reason that ATI ignore my consumer right. I had problems with the cards and they blame me for the faulty card instead. That was just a week from purchase.

I had contacted ATI with regards to my problems. I was basically left without any solution but a non-working products. Replacement of the card with N-vidia’s cards worked.

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