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everybody loves eric raymond episode 48 strip

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Good strip. The “Eric receives a death threat” link is very revealing. :(. This guy is sooo “culturaly insensitive” it’s almost funny.

ESR as lone nutcase is chilling enough thought, but it’s all those other idiots agreeing with him that really terrifies me. Such as, “May your hand be steady and your aim true. hanzie.”. Shit man, it’s like a nest of wackos.

Best. Comic. Ever.

You should just lose the other story lines and keep making fun of the gun-wielding islamophobic loonies.

What about us gun-toting non-islamophobics? If my country had been constantly used as a toilet the way the US has been using the Arab states, I’d be a “Terrorist” too. But then, I would not have picked a civilian target like New York’s WTC either. What an opportunity wasted! The most derisive statement I’d make is “fools”, and that transcends any boundary of religion or ethnicity.

Oh, and dehumanizing is as old as war. It is much easier to kill a human being if they are pictured in the mind as less than human.

The handgun is also the most effective self-defense tool ever devised. That is why cops everywhere carry them. Like all tools they can be misused. Blame the abuser, not the tool or others through “guilt by association.”

Isn’t “guilt by association” what is being done with terms like “rag-head” and “camel herder”?

So who is going to make t-shirts up? On the front, have it read:

“Damn straight I took it personally. And if you ever again behave like that kind of disruptive asshole in public, insult me, and jeopardize the interests of our entire tribe, I’ll take it just as personally — and I will find a way to make you regret it. Watch your step.”

On the back, have it say:

“We have your address.


What ESR also fondly ignores is the possibility of a Joe Job. And before anyone cites the Received:-Headers: those can easily be forged. I bet I could probably create such an email and have it delivered to Eric without him being any wiser as to where it came from *originally*.

He’s a wacko alright. And yes, the hordes of fanboys (I don’t know if there are fangirls, too) over at his blog are a chilling thought.

There are a lot of people around who mistake stupidity for conspiracy.

There are a lot of other people around who mistake their own bipolar tendency to manic ranting, their neurotically skewed perceptions, the ramblings of their mental illness, as high style, insight, even poetic genius.

— John Shirley

You’re an evil person, John. Funny, but evil. I always have to go wash my hands after I look at these pages for fear I’ll catch some sort of antisocial disease.

You too, Jim. Don’t want you to feel like a lesser evil.

I found this site via ESR’s site. I’m glad there’s a forum whereat one can attempt to rationally discuss him and his ideas and the ideas of his commenters where I don’t get mobbed by his “fans.”

Keep up the good work, geekz.

Next comic:

‘The herb’ wearing a tshirt saying “I’m with this guy —>”, pointing to Gun-nut Eric. Or you could be his “moral compass”!

“I had a brief #unthinking# flirtation with socialism for about five years, and had some #arguments# with him over it. But I came to my senses well before he died, so we #made our peace.#” (From the Diary of Russ Nelson, emphasis mine)

Must’ve been a real good father. So I take it he added you back into his will after you renounced your evil socialist ways… :-)

I’m glad I live in my socialist country with free healthcare.

Is it fair to expect ESR to behave “normally”? When he’s surrounded by yes-men telling him that every decision he make is correct — and once had the millions to prove it — how could one possibly be expected to be normal? Just ask Michael Jackson.

After publicly exposing his psychosis in his blog, we’ll never quite be able to see Eric the same way. It will take more than he can possibly summon to bring back the guy who wrote CATB. Now, he’s the zealot who mimics Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch like a love-crazed monkey while attempting to lecture America about Islam’s “nasty habits”.

Eric, you’ve maxed out. Worn out your welcome. You’ve become less the tolerable, moderately talented and mildly likable megastar and more like an itchy,festering boil on the ass of the deranged ferret of open source culture, requiring lancing.

The CATB was a collection of assertions with anecdotes and selectively chosen examples standing in for evidence. Eric, who was then just a weak thinker, has since split from the whole program.

Am I missing something? Am I going blind? What’s with the big column down the right? It appears empty to me.

Why has no-one else commented on it? Is it one of those elephants that we all have to pretend isn’t there, and I just committed a major faux pas?

I don’t see any empty space. I use Corporate Webnavigator 6.0. It’s a free download!

Freaking — priceless. I love how some of ESR’s actual quotes are incorporated into the strips, because frankly, they’re more ridiculous than anything any cartoonist can come up with.

BIG_HACKING: If I knew your website I’d read it, you’re one of like three sane people I see posting on ESR’s blog (I can see why you’re doing it anonymously, though). I’d post that on the blog itself, but it’d be deleted.

Actually, I never threatened your life. I merely offered to help improve it, by beating the crap out of you. After all, who wants to be full of crap?

Did I call you a lesser evil? Surely I was mistaken.

“After all, who wants to be full of crap?”
Well, one particular person springs to mind.

Russell, lets read what you and Eric wrote:

I’m going to make another threat now, and I’m not going to be subtle about it, and I’m deliberately doing it with witnesses. If you are ever brave enough to make your contemptible assertions to my face rather than from a safe 3000 miles of distance, I will physically assault you and beat you to within an inch of your life. Then I will accept any legal consequences of my actions with my head held high.

I don’t choose this course because I believe that battering you would somewhow settle the merits of your assertions. I choose it because I’m willing to risk some jail time and social condemnation to make avpoint: pursuing a vendetta against me and calling me a liar can havevpainful consequences, and I do not hold my honor cheaply.

After the wrongs you have done me, you would in fact be wise
to fear my anger.

Russ Nelson:
Jim — same threat from me.

Russ Nelson, 2.4 hours later:
Jim — on second though, I take back my threat.

And you profess to be a Quaker? Aren’t Quakers “non-violent”?

Moreover, you claim to be a libertarian, you even state, “If you believe in any use of violence other than to prevent greater violence, then you aren’t a libertarian.”

Please explain how your threat on my life served to prevent a greater violence and how you rationalize your threat in light of your Quaker beliefs.

And none of that “you’re too stupid to understand” crap, Russ.

[…] Opensource Cartoons über Waffennarr, Hacker etc. Eric Raymond. Richard Stallman kommt natürlich auch nicht zu kurz. Um den Humor des Cartoons zu verstehen, sollte man kurz Raymonds Blog überlesen und seine Drohung (von 1999) gegenüber Bruce Perens, einem ehemaligen Debian Projektleiter, beachten. Ich gebe zu, dann ist es mehr schwarzer Humor […]


You might want to calm down and look at things a little more objectively. ESR is ESR, with warts and all, and doesn’t have the same clout he once had in the Free Software community. He’s done some good things, he does some bad things, he’s certainly a “character” enough for sites like this to find him amusing, especially in his current persona. But he’s not worth getting worked up about. He’s not currently the “leader” of anything other than his merry band of anti-FSF pro-OSS right-wing libertarians.

If you doubt you’re being objective, look at the stuff you’re so caught up in you ought to have caught it and didn’t. For example, ESR claimed you were calling him a liar, in response to your constant claims he exaggerates or otherwise misrepresents, intentionally or otherwise, his contributions to the body of open source source code.

His attempt to prove otherwise was to make a bet with you that of the six statements he made, at least 50% were true. An objective person would have taken one look at the bet, seen ESR’s claim that he’s not factually challenged because more than half of what he says is true, and pointed out that the criteria for the bet itself proves the point you were making. (Hell, it’s actually funny, John could probably make a cartoon based upon ESR making the bet in the first place.) Instead you actually TOOK the bet (and lost it!), I can only assume because you were so caught up in it, you couldn’t take a step back from the fight you were in to see the bigger picture.

Various characters in the open-source world lend themselves to parody. This doesn’t mean they haven’t done good things, and it doesn’t mean they are necessarily relevent wielders of power. Open Source, in general, seems to be growing up. The leaders and spokespeople it uses are aware of the importance of professionalism and the clear communications of accurate, relevent, and appropriate messages.

Open Source, in general, seems to be growing up. The leaders and spokespeople it uses are aware of the importance of professionalism and the clear communications of accurate, relevent, and appropriate messages.

If there is a trend toward more sensible and professional behaviour, Eric is bucking it. If he doesn’t want people posting pictures of his lard ass on the Internet, he should stop telling people how much of a big, muscular tough-guy he is.

Jim — I’m unable to find anything of value in anything you do, say, or are. From what I see of you, you agree with me.

Once again, Russell Nelson fails to even bring a good insult to the table.

BH – the trend is toward more sensible and professional leaders and spokespeople. ESR isn’t someone seen as a leader of the Open Source movement any more, and is acknowledged by the OSI in an honoury position but not an active one. Russ Nelson, while still active, is concentrating on organizational roles where he works best, rather than public figurehead positions. Others from the original group like Bruce Perens have, to some extent, reformed themselves quite radically, acknowledging the need for a more professional image.

It always struck me as very sad that the group supposedly aimed at giving Free Software a professional image were, in many sense, less productive or professional than the groups they were trying to get away from in the first place.

It always struck me as very sad that the group supposedly aimed at giving Free Software a professional image were, in many sense, less productive or professional than the groups they were trying to get away from in the first place.

Agreed on all points, but I’ve only come to rag on Eric Raymond.

Wow, Anyone who really read ‘Blacks are Lazy?’ and thought that Nelson was actually racist is terribly unintelligent. I’m shocked that any group of ‘hackers’ would be so stupid.

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