The GPL3 according to…

everybody loves eric raymond episode 36 strip

GPL3 draft commandments

  • You shall have no other licenses beside this. Except perhaps LGPL. Not often though please.
  • Honor your code’s father and mother
  • You shall not commit false patches
  • You shall not steal, unless somebody signs it off so you can blame them later
  • You shall not bear non boolean witness
  • You shall not covet your neighbor’s coding style.
  • You shall bring pizza up when you’re done whining
  • You shall not believe zdnet. They know nothing of my drafts

Last week wasn’t the first time Goatse made it into ELER btw. Go back and check out Referential Integrity a bit closer.

Additional script development: Louisa.

19 Replies to “The GPL3 according to…”

  1. Ei, wasn’t v3 supossed to give more power to the user? Like giving them power to ignore the programmer desires and…. oh, wait, I can see the problem. Down with GPL3!

    Um, first post?

  2. I think the people complaining about those who were offended are the more irritating of the two. Not to mention the faithfully present OSS excuse, “If you don’t like it, make your own web comic.”

  3. “You shall not covet your neighbor’s coding style.”? Shouldn’t that be “You shall not convert your neighbor’s coding style.”? Copying your neighbours coding style is surely to be encouraged, if you’re working on a project with him?

  4. It’s election time here in Finland and the picture of Tarja Halonen (on Linus’ t-shirt) is plastered everywhere you look in Helsinki on billboards and bus-shelters. Now I wonder how many subtle details like that I’ve missed in the past!

    I’m respectively impressed that this made it into something by a fellow Brit!

  5. In my former post:

    Ei — spanish spelling
    Hey — english spelling

    I wanted to add some insigthful comment, but then I noticed that you can’t make an insigthful comment from a one-pun web-comic :)

    John, the GNU coding style is about rewriting all of a program because you don’t like the original way it was coded? I mean, I have done that myself….

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