Referential integrity

August 10th, 2005

episode 14 strip

Late again, but that’s what RSS feeds were invented for.

Whilst photo scouting for this week’s strip I came across a photo of a REAL shrunken head that bears an uncanny resemblence to Mr. Eric S. Raymond. Too weird.

Bruce Schneier with guns for some reason

Bruce Schneier Facts

A few things you probably didn't know about Bruce Schneier. The Bruce Schneier Facts Database.

Knuth is my Homeboy t-shirts

Knuth is my homeboy T-shirts

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  1. Indeed sir. Indeed.

  2. “proprietary relationship” gave me a nice laugh

  3. AH HA! I fell off my seat when i saw this.

    Keep It Up!!!

    On a side note that shrunken head resemblence is freaky.

  4. Bruce Perens! Bruce Perens! Bruce Perens!

  5. Of course Linus is monogamous; his wife was the female karate champ of Finland, six times.
    There are some people you don’t want to piss off.

  6. Nice haircut. And I love the phone.

  7. Very funny! Keep up the good work!

  8. Now, now — polyamory is generally many-to-many, not one-to-many. As far as I know ESR does not ask his SOs to have no other SOs.

  9. Nolly, you are making incorrect assumptions about my database schema :)

  10. That’s fricking hilarious!

  11. Holy fuck! That picture of ESR’s head is scary! It looks like a, well like a shrunken preserved by head-hunters or something!

  12. Actually, I think you have a typo in your strip in the second picture.

    Eric is clearly one too many. :)

  13. Please stop making fun of ESR. Everything I was always wanted to know about sex but was afraid to ask:

  14. what an awesome shirt RMS used to wear!

  15. holy shit that is a disturbing head.

    and it does look like ESR.

  16. dear god… please ensure that this strip never ends… please watch out for it and… damn. I’m atheist.

  17. Yes, I know.

    Eric has so helped me finally overcome my natural unsexiness and replace it with fake imagery of undeserved confidence and sexiness, just like him. And the floozies love it, just as one of the comments said:

    Cathy: “Actually, some of those women probably are stupid. If they were more intelligent or more sophisticated, they would see past the pheromonal facade created by misplaced self-confidence more often.”

    As of personal experience, let me also add: And once they found out what a great dork you really are, they will still try to act like you were cool just so they don’t have to admit to themselves and others how stupid they are themselves. They’ll do almost _anything_ to make that point. Even leave sexist remarks in the most sexist documents written by you.

    But then I fear Eric found that out before me. ;)

  18. Yes, exactly. He has helped me overcome my natural unsexiness and replace it by unwarranted and fake imagery of self-confidence and sexiness — just like him. Now I get all the cheap floozies, it is fantastic.

    And the best part of it: Once they realise what an idiot they were in letting you pick them up, they will do almost anything to make the point to themselves and others that you truly are cool. That way they won’t have to admit how stupid they were. Amazing. They will even play the game of “say it first so noone can say it about you”.

    But then, I guess Eric knew that already:

    Cathy: “Actually, some of those women probably are stupid. If they were more intelligent or more sophisticated, they would see past the pheromonal facade created by misplaced self-confidence more often.”

  19. Surely the PDP10 should be talking through an acoustic coupler?

  20. What are those little bumps on the telephone?
    And where is the dial?

  21. That’s not the only scary picture of esr. Get this one:

    He looks like some creep on an island who’s about to tell Bruce Lee he’s meddled enough and is going to die.

  22. This would have to be sometime between 1983 (introduction of The Brick) and 1990 (MIT PDP-10′s go down). I think DTMF phones were already fairly common by then, but only yuppies had cellphones. No way RMS would have been using one!

  23. Where’s my fucking ELR?

    Get on the stick Leach.

  24. Awww. Still no new ELER.

    My week is ruined.

  25. Still no ESR? You’re fired!

  26. Mispelled monogAmous in panel 1…

  27. Must have my comic! How dare you get us addicted and then swipe it away from us! I will hunt you down and make you make the comic…

    Ok well i’m really too lazy to do that, but i could send annoying emails and comments.

    Please i NEED MY FIX!

  28. We Want More Show!! er… Comic!

  29. Well it’s now officially past “(late) [on] Tuesday”. The second one in a row. Have you contracted the Men In Hats fugue? Most artists would have switched to the “guest comics” backup plan by now.

  30. Damnit! This was my favorite web comic EVAR! Please keep going!

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  33. I dont get it. FAIL

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