Comic gaping anus goatse ipod outtake prediction

ELER 2006 prediction outtake

everybody loves eric raymond episode 35 strip

CENSORSHIP UPDATE: I can show turds in punch, tattooed arses, blood and murder but a gaping anus apparently crosses the line. I don’t know what the problem is. It’s just a stretched gaping anus. We *all* have distended gaping anuses right? Anyway, warning, this strip may contain a gaping anus. Click on the image to see it in all it’s uncensored anucular glory.

Not work safe btw. Oh, is it too late to tell you here?

This was from one of the many scripts that didn’t make it last week. You can bask in their lameness over on the script development wiki.

t-shirts update: The tshirts arrived yesterday and we’ll be sending them out over the next few days. Thanks to all who’ve ordered so far. Send in photos of you wearing them for the gallery. I’ll donate an extra £10 to the FSF for a (genuine) photo of you hugging esr whilst wearing one*.

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45 replies on “ELER 2006 prediction outtake”

please don’t. ascii goatse would be ok but no graphic version.
I was to not encounter it for years but now this :(

Don’t let the above commentors dictate what you can and can’t show – as you say, we all have arses and anuses, and if someone can’t deal with a humourous take on goatse, they shouldn’t play on the Internet without their parents, anyway.

As a Concerned Parent who diligantly does my duty and watches my children surf the internet, while stroking their heads fondly might I add. I am proud of this site for not only showing our children the darker side of humanity, but for doing it with a good honest married Christian man and a touch of humour. Well done.

Yay, my t-shirt is coming !
But now I have to choose: Hacking for Freedom or ELER ?

btw, i don’t see the controversy over this strip. A male behind and a ton of ipods. Nothing offensive there.

The problem isn’t so much that it’s offensive, as that it’s not funny. Pity, you usually do better.

Hehehe, at first I thought WTF, that looks like Goatse. Then, clickety click, it IS Goatse! OBEY GOATSE! =)

Next time use a rotting corpse from That will satisfy people who take offense at living human bodies.

Grow up, people, and be happy it’s not YOUR butt. …unless it IS your butt.

“The problem isn’t so much that it’s offensive, as that it’s not funny.”

It *was* an outtake. I took it out of Wednesday’s strip because it wasn’t funny. (though Wednesday’s strip was still a cheap strip, sorry :)

Grow up people, it’s just a stretched anus. But I guess it’s the groupthink that’s dictating you have to be utterly offended and shocked.

Goodbye ELER. One less reader. What possessed you too post something so utterely obscene and offensive?

It’s a good thing to clean out the prigs occasionally with a bit of gratuitous, I always say.

The lawyer has informed us that we need a warning! So.. if you are under the age of 18 or find this cartoon offensive, please don’t look at it. Thank you!

I think they got offended because of the iPod reference, not because of the goatse. Maybe “the truth” hurt them. :-)

For the record, I own three iPods, two PowerBooks, a Compaq Athlon64 laptop, an HP Athlon64 desktop, and two iPaqs.

And I love my stretched anus. :-D

Oh, yeah, forgot the Samsung 19-inch LCD monitor with component, composite, and S-Video, DVI and VGA inputs, the Nokia 770, and my 6 external Maxtor 300 GB Firewire drive RAID array. :-)

The goatse thing is offensive, because most males don’t like watching some other guys ass/penis, and would rather not be caught by their bosses watching gay porn.
Goatse was a cool joke back in the day, but it’s better performed by someone who know you will not get fired, or have trouble because of this. I believe it was gratuitous, and just not funny here.
Don’t get me wrong, I have sent the goatse URL to shock friends, but I didn’t think it had a place here.
Of course, I was mistaken about this site. It happens all the time.
Plus, the link on the censored strip is much bigger than the image itself, at least on firefox, and I clicked it before I could get to see the censored image. The horror.

I preferred ELER when it simply went dead for a few weeks when it had nothing good to offer – goatse reproductions definately aren’t cool. :(

eler –;

orasio: By not expecting something like goatse on eler you make one incorrect assumption: that I make this strip to safely amuse you.

The reality of it is that I make this strip to amuse myself.

And boy am I amused.

John, don’t bother explaining yourself. I doubt they even got the anti-consumerism joke.

I mean, if they really wanted to argue intelligent points, you’d think they should start with pointing out the out-take didn’t have anything to do with ESR!?! But nooo, let’s all get offended by the sick humor on what is already a generally sick cartoon.

Bah humbug! :-D

A friend of mine shutted Jabber in my face after passing the link, some second ago…

BTW I warned him first, being the kind person I am, but he love Ipod so much he don’t make it…

a) I never quite understood this whole “goatse” thing. Humans are weird when it comes to forming “cults”.

b) I like the “balls dongle” for the iPod

c) You’ve come up with a great compromise (I’m glad you haven’t censored it completely, I try not to check your feed every week, so that I have more than one new one to look at)

d) The only thing one can bitch about, is the lack of a “not-work-safe” reference in the title, but hey, what do I know (workplace? what is that?)

e) Keep up the good work. I sometimes get impatient with the lack of publications though. Whinge, whinge, whine, hey, I had to join the corus :LOL:

>>“The problem isn’t so much that it’s offensive, as that it’s not >>funny.”
>>It *was* an outtake. I took it out of Wednesday’s strip because it >>wasn’t funny. (though Wednesday’s strip was still a cheap strip, sorry >>:)

So why put it in now? It just isn’t funny. The anti-consumerism jab is not especially funny or clever either (and no, I don’t own an iPod; I rather agree with the sentiment, I just don’t think it’s funny). The whole point of “publishing” something is that you get to edit out the stuff that’s sub-par.

I think the commentary is funnier than the strip itself. “This strip may contain a gaping anus”. You don’t remember! Think hard. I’m John! Did I put a distended asshole in my comic strip?

You bastard. You bastard bastard bastard!!! I’ve successfully avoided that image for going on 4 years since the last eye-socket burning instance… but you just had to have an enormous clicky whitespace to the right of the image just to catch those of us who missed the “The GPL according to…” link!!!! DAMNIT!!!

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