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Sony Rootshit

everybody loves eric raymond episode 25 strip

Boy, I bet you feel stupid for buying that Britney Spears album NOW, don’t you? Unless, of course, you run GNU/Linux. Or, you know, held shift down.

Sony are sending a clear message here. You’re safer illegally downloading music from the Internet and posting a cheque direct to the artist.

eler tshirt design
Don’t forget that ELER T-shirts are now on sale.
Bow your head down in subservience to capitalism, kiss the floor of consumerism and visit the ELER shop to buy.

It’s unlikely they’ll be delivered by Christmas but I don’t think Jesus will mind.

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Um, only European code fags (well, OK, Brits) say “whilst”. The word does not exist in American; macho gun nuts like ESR say “while”.

In next week’s exciting episode of Everybody loves Eric Raymond:

Aunt Tillie shows up. Hilarity ensues as it’s discovered that the only evidence of her existing is the Jargon file, and awkward questions are asked when she’s never seen at the same time as Eric.

Joe is right,

both gun nuts, and bufoons who think American is a language, use the conjunction while. I suppose it makes them sound more ‘mericun. (They even foolishly believe America is the name of their country.)

Nonsense, John. We all believe, of course, that the name of our country is One Nation Under God. Sheesh, when will you foreigners stop spreading your misinformation? ;-)

Nice to see that there are t-shirts now – is there any chance that they’ll be made available in something bigger than XL, though? I’d need at least XXXL myself (XXL *might* fit if the shirts are very large, but I generally don’t count on that unless I’m able to try them on in person. And yes, I really am that tall.)

Hi ,

I’m Phil and I’m an ex-prop and I’m big and fat. I want an XXXL teeshirt. Maybe you can get Thinkgeek to do some shirts for you, they do big,



It seems I’ve underestimated the demensions of the ELER audience. I’ve now received details of other sizes from my supplier and have updated the shop options. T-shirts are now available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. These sizes in inches are on the shop page.

Nevermind. Misunderstood. The smaller sizes are sold out. I thought for a second you’d falsely ‘realised’ your audience were all to the order of Ameri-Supersized mouse potatoes. :-)

Re: Eric Hates Art Fags

I can’t decide which is more nauseating: that ESR reads CJ’s little black book, or that he’s clearly forgotten the whole black background campaign of the 90s. Probably the former. Hey, I’d forgotten the “why is this web page black” thing briefly too.

Sweet of him to tell the angst-ridden to go ahead with the razor-to-wrist thing. I mean, like, they were waiting for his affirmation and all.

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