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So I married a Kernel Programmer

everybody loves eric raymond episode 57 strip

Hans Reiser has not been termed a suspect in his wife’s disappearance

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I hope someone out there could review his case before final analysis. I smell conspiracy going around here. Please help Hans, if ever Linus is reading this by now, please.

Leech, I haven’t been able to maintain an erection for a month due to your lack of updates. My wife and mistresses implore you, as does my little friend Obadiah. Please replenish his game with a fresh strip.

In case anyone missed it, Hans plead “Not Guilty” on Tuesday.

It also appears that:

a) the cops have “potentially damaging tape recorded statements” (the story doesn’t say who made them)

b) One or Reiser’s lawyers quit the case because he is “too busy” with other cases.

c) this statement, made by Reiser’s other lawyer, sound ominous to me:

“No case in the history of California based on circumstantial evidence of murder has featured an investigation which ran such a short period of time,” Dubois said.

heh… maybe the cops had all they needed after that short period of time.


lala update? don’t encourage him ..

what do call a quadrapalegic in a swimming pool?


what do you call a quadrapalegic in a pile of leaves.


This is not in open source spirit at all. There are many people here with equal or greater talents to the webby here, why not go and make your own web comic which *is* updated? It’s not like ELER has a monopoly on funny, and “system and method for vibrating Funny Bones via HTTP” does not appear in the patent registry.

I think every web comic has a life span after which almost every strip sucks. Ctrl-Alt-Del is completely dead, UserFriendly is completely dead, but e.g. Penny Arcade is still going strong. I wonder if ELER would qualify as dead for just not having any new strips to judge.

This isn’t funny. It wasn’t funny before HR was named as a suspect, and it certainly isn’t funny now.

Well, the S&M guy murdered some other people, but he hasn’t admitted to killing her. I dunno considering the freaky S&M guy, the messy divorce, the strangely lacking seat from Reiser’s car – it’s a mess of a case.

> Well, the S&M guy murdered some other people

From what I saw, he *said* he murdered other people, but the police don’t believe him. High profile cases like this often bring out a few attention-starved losers who make outrageous claims and false confessions so they can bask in the media limelight.

Something like four people now have confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey, for instance.

guilty untill proven innocent?
common people give this guy a break.
you cant charge anyone untill there is absolutely, ultimately no question whatsoever to whether they are guilty or not. Charging someone based on ideas, uncomplete scenario building and partial fact is just plain lazy. prove it, beyond all doubt, scientifically and tactically, that they are guilty/not guilty or stop wasting the time and money of countless victims of the poor excuse which is the jurdicial system.

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