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So I married a Kernel Programmer

everybody loves eric raymond episode 57 strip

Hans Reiser has not been termed a suspect in his wife’s disappearance

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If he is innocent, this is slander… if he is guilty, you should have waited until he was found guilty in a court of law.

Oh, and ‘Published almost once a week on average’ should be changed to ‘Published almost once a month on average’.

[…] פורסם באוקטובר 7th, 2006 ע”י עירא. קטגוריות: עתונות, תוכנה חופשית. היום קראתי ששחר החליט שלא מתאים לו יותר רייזרFS. מסתבר שגם לסוזה כבר עברה ההתלהבות. עכשיו אני קורא שגם אישתו נעלמה. מילא נעלמה, אבל הוא חשוד שהעלים אותה. ולקחו לו את הילדים. ועוד יורדים עליו גם הגיקים. עצוב. אם הוא עשה לה משהו אז זה מפחיד, אבל למרות שהמשטרה לא מחזיקה ממנו חשוד באופן רשמי כבר עשו לו חיפושים בבית בצו בימ“ש על סמך ממצאים שנשמרים חסויים. עדכונים יהיו כנראה כאן. […]

I really wish you hadn’t done this.

From the most recent article Wikipedia links to:

“Despite the focus on Hans Reiser, 42, Jordan said police are not even sure whether Nina Reiser’s disappearance involved foul play.”

You live in the land of guilty-until-proven-innocent libel law; you may be skating on thin ice here.

I don’t see how it’s slander, nothing is suggested, other than the fact that there might be genuine and innocent explanations for a circumstance about which some people might speculate a more insidious explanation.

If you read accusations in to this comic, they are simply pouring out of the twisted depths of your own subconscious mind.

I have really enjoyed your comics, but I think this one is just too vicious.

With all the humorous subjects in the world of open source, you choose to encourage laughter about the disappearance and possible murder of a woman?

Really, man — if your wife disappeared, would you just brush off someone’s depiction of you drenched in blood?

Don’t be a sociopath, man — take this down.

It’s funny but in pretty bad taste at the moment.

Might have been hilarious afterwards if it turns out everything turned out peachy.

I’m okay with it. The whole point of this strip is to bash one guy. Prentending this has gone too far is a bit hypocritical.

The difference here is that someone’s non-celebrity mother in the *real* world is missing and may be dead.

At some point it may be fair game to O.J. this guy, but right now it’s waaaay premature.

Seriously, I wish you’d pull this one for now.

Ha ha ha – love the eyes on the T shirt.

“Might have been hilarious afterwards if it turns out everything turned out peachy.”

…or it might just be hilarious now.

They took his kids? Fucking childsnatchers! Let them deal with it as a FAMILY!

Anyone who would take someone’s kids from them by force deserves to be shot as a kidnapper. Get it -KID-napping???

Hey John, I have a suggestion for your next strip: suggest that the foster parents taking care of the Reiser’s kids are MOLESTING THEM. Won’t that be simply hilarious? Oh, you brits and your sense of humor. Brilliant!

You haven’t just jumped the shark; you’ve tied it up and are butt-fucking it.

I had no idea Hans Reiser was a devout Christian.

Oh, wait, it was the PREVIOUS strip that was titled “Hacking for Christ”…

Russ Nelson: “Oh, you brits and your sense of humor.

Careful now Russ, you know how your racism can get you into trouble ;)

John, don’t listen to this crowd of rabble: it’s a funny strip, and the circumstances don’t make it less so. If Hans has a problem with it, I’m sure he’ll be in touch.

Meanwhile, the media is printing all sorts of stuff that, even though Hans isn’t a suspect in the case, is pretty good at attempting to character build him into the disgruntled, poor ex who is being litigated against for money, loans, and all sorts of stuff. Personally I don’t give a shit if his ex is doing S&M sex stuff with her new bf, and it surely has feck all to do with the public reportage of the case.

This strip is dark, but light hearted compared to some of the media coverage. If you (the readers) don’t like this strip, install adblock in firefox (you’re using firefox, yes?), right click on the strip and click Adblock Image, then click OK. Sorted, you need never see it again.


Ouch. Yeah, this is freaking hilarious if she isn’t dead, pretty damn sick if she is.

BTW, a dozen years younger than him, Russian, and runs off with a weirdo? I’d make a joke about the warranty on his mail order running out… if she’s alive.

You and your practical solutions, neuro… Don’t you understand that people are indignant here?!

You’re like these people who tell folk there’s an off switch and other channels on their TV sets when they see something offensive on there. Don’t you understand that when people are offended by something they need to cling onto it like a teddy or a substitute for real opinions.

Hard Ass: Lime is used as a way of making a corpse decompose rapidly, to hide evidence. The comic is quite clear in suggesting that Reiser is trying to dispose of a dead body. Save your amateur psychoanalysis.

I once worked with Hans Reiser. I didn’t know him that well, and it was years ago. I hope his wife is OK.

Joe: Lime is used generally in gardening, usually to speed up composting.

Read the comic again. Hans doesn’t sweat, he doesn’t um and ah, he doesn’t look nervous.

Seems to me that the comic is a satire of the media coverage, and perhaps of the twisted depths of your own expectations.

Vanunu: Then why do Linus’ eyes pop out in the last panel? Because Linus thinks Hans killed somebody. Just like any reader would, given the image of Hans in the comic.

Not only that, the ticker below the comic wouldn’t be there if the comic didn’t clearly imply that Hans killed his wife.

I was wrong when I said in an earlier comment that the comic is slander, because it dosen’t explicitly assert anything; but this does not mean twisted depths of imagination are required to realize what the comic implies.

You are a cockhead dude. (the creator of that “comic” at the top)

Give the guy a break.
How would you like it if someone you loved had suddenly dissappeared.

I hope your ashamed of yourself.

You are all feeding right into the point of the comic. Taken seperately each situation has a clear and easy explanation, but put together and coupled with the disappearance of his wife your media trained minds leap to the conclusion that he’s killed her. Welcome to the Hurd, sheep. This is why in the US we have an innocent until provent guilty judicial system. Until all the facts are known and analyzed you are all making wild assumptions with partial truths. Once the facts of the matter are all laid out then, and only then, can you make an honest judgement of the situation. The strip lays out “facts” as to his bloodied clothes and shovel. He has somewhat reasonable explanations, but you all play right into the morbid trump card throw in your personal feelings and blame the author for making you think them… and then you project them onto his motives for creating the strip in the first place and call it bad taste. I call it a good exercise at waking people up to the biases they have and the media conditioning they get. Me, I’m waiting for official word of his situation before I make a final judgement of this particular strip.

Have a nice day.

Don’t listen to those people who can’t take a freaking joke.

I think its funny.

Some people here seem to forget this is a comic strip and sometimes comic strips (and many forms of comedy shows, etc) make fun of hot topic issues.

You might want to change the subtext on the banner to say ‘almost once a month’

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