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Show them the code

episode 13 strip

Ok, so last week’s stop gap strip ended up as the *only* strip. I’ve not been making enough time for ELER recently, but I promise to do better from now on.

And thanks for all the supportive comments and e-mails. I’ve also gained a few “insider” contacts this week, who’ve been telling me some hilarious ESR stories which I’m sure I can incorporate somewhere. Keep them coming.

30 replies on “Show them the code”

I like how when you read at first it’s really funny. Then after you read the linuxtoday article, it’s even funnier.

you are brilliant.

if you find they stop being funny… KEEP WRITING, just so long as you ridicule Mr. Raymond.

ha! I like this third guy…

Looks like me in my universities homeworks: one of my friends do almost everything, the other check for problems and fix bugs, so I am with them! I pay hamburguers at lunch :D

haha :D

Absolutely… There is NO WAY anyone is justified in criticizing a distro unless they have actually contributed code.


I think you’re missing the point.

The point isn’t that you don’t get to criticize a distro unless you’ve contributed code. The point is that Raymond has, in the past, criticized people like Richard Stallman for talking about the rights of computer users (which, these days, pretty much means everyone). See here, for example, in which he explicitly tells Stallman to “shut up and show them the code.”

The problem is that many people see Raymond as not having contributed much to Linux, or Free Software / Open Source Software generally, besides evangelism, and his evangelism often comes in a fashion which makes Richard Stallman look like everyone’s favorite uncle. Just look at what happened when some poor shmuck doing recruiting for Microsoft inadvertently spammed him with an invitation to apply for a job.

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