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Sell out

episode 12 strip

This is really just a stop-gap strip and I’m already working on a new one to be posted asap.

The link is bringing in thousands and thousand more readers. Hello. My server is working hard but handling the load ok (even though it’s Apache ;).
And don’t worry, I won’t be putting any adverts on here.

29 replies on “Sell out”

This strip in general is so amazingly, fatally nerdy it reduces me to a kind of giggly, yet ashamed, geek stupor. I read them all this afternoon and I love it! If you can work in a GNAA reference my bliss will be complete.

I’ve been walking around all day saying “Feel my dictator powah!”

My secretary is phoning in for an intervention . . .

>I can’t find the humor.

OMG! Shut the site down! A random punter doesn’t find it funny. What next?

I have a feeling this comment thing is going to start looking like a forum. I forgot to say but i found this place from boing boing as well.
Still the coolest computer “geek” comic alive.

I too found my way here through Boing Boing, and I really like the strips. However, to be able to keep reading it I would like an RSS/Atom feed, but I cannot find one. Are there any plans for something like that?

Great comic. The only problem–and this is hairsplitting–is that RMS is American, and would probably spell the word “neighbors”, without the U. But as I said, that’s just hairsplitting.

Hey, your RSS feed doesn’t seem to include inlined images. Please fix, so we can see these on LiveJournal? Thanks!
( E.g.: )


and I found the site from Lessig! that’s classy.

anyone that doesn’t find it funny should not be given root privs.

“Knowing nothing about programming”

You’ve got more in common with Eric than you think!

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