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Everybody loves John Dvorak

episode 11 strip

That John Dvorak is a self-promoting corporate shill is only the opinion of myself and millions of others.
That he’s a misinformed idiot is just self-evident.

22 replies on “Everybody loves John Dvorak”

“bobdole” is right, the Dvorak keyboard was invented by August Dvorak in the 20’s and 30’s. John Dvorak is ONLY known for being an incedibly huge internet troll.

nice comics! could ya include the “img” tags into the feeds as well, so it’ll show up directly from feed readers/emails?.. hmm.. or is not including the img intentional. doh!

Nice comic. I love Dvorak. It’s amazing that he’s been around forever and he’s still able to piss people off. Damn, that man is talented!

“Dvorak didn’t invent anything!” Yeah, that was part of the gag wasn’t it? Next month: John Dvorak claims trademark infringements on all dvorak keyboards.

I managed to piss Dvorak off when I wrote a scathing weblog on ‘tech pundits’. He actually registered on my site to write a reply. Yes, his ego is big.

Who are you? Dvorak is more successful than you’ll be. Do something productive with your life other than trying to demean others when you have no right to do so.

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