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Google flak

episode 16 strip

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You really should try to get this serialized in Linux Pro or something. Writing genuinly funny geek comedy is an artform.

Well, a Whois on Eric Raymond’s site shows him as being resident in Pennsylvania; so he won’t be needing a new firearm to protect his wife and his property from looters … unless the flooding is somewhat more extensive than reported so far.

Of course, if he were affected by Katrina, he couldn’t request help from FEMA unless he had access to a Microsoft Windows machine:

Ouch, a dig on the Nestlé boycott. Some background for people who haven’t heard about this topic:

OK, so Nestlé doesn’t kill babies directly, but it pushes formula-feeding into areas around the world that don’t have the medical and sanitary infrastructure that makes formula feeding work “well enough” in the US and other high-tech areas. When their (aggressive) marketing works in these places, health goes down and child death rates climb. Babies who get their mothers’ milk, however, continue to thrive, and are much less susceptible to less-than-perfect environmental conditions.

Well-to-do people in the US are increasingly turning to breastfeeding as study after study shows a benefit to the breastfed person (and the breastfeeding woman) over a formula-fed person in just about anything they measure. There’s no need for less well-to-do people to pay the Nestlé tax to feed their kids something inferior — but Nestlé would sure like them to.

This page by “Latino Pundit” outlines the problem:

Our family doesn’t buy Nestlé products because we see the benefits of breastfeeding in our own children. We don’t want to help Nestlé pay for advertising to give other children an inferior substitute when 1) they’ve already got the real thing, and 2) formula may be dangerous for them.

This wasn’t a dig at the Nestlé boycott. In my opinion Nestlé do directly murder babies. They knowingly engage in marketing practices that lead to these deaths and they lie and deceive in order to hide these facts. I recommend boycotting all Nestlé products for ever. Don’t go back. If they need “market pressure” to see that murder is bad then their consumers really are boned.

Thanks for posting the links down the bottom about the comic. I just read that stuff on ESR’s blog about guns, pure comic gold :)

“The first good thing to come out of Katrina” – ESR blog entry…
Great, more gun toting nut cases.

“All I know is, I finally get to kill somebody”
– Francis ‘Psycho’ Soyer from Stripes

Quite frankly, it makes a lot of sense for ESR to be so much into guns: He needs to defend himself against evolution which is certainly motivated to prevent the proliferation of people with oversized egos and undersized brains.

I sorry I never even heard of eric raymond and the only resain I found this page was tring to get ray romano off TV man he a terrible actor, his not funny and I sick of hearing about him. the resain I found this blog was do to the name Everybody loves Eric Raymond but the serch engine does not put eric on anything so I leaving this post telling you to fix it for that the search engine with say Everybody loves Eric Raymond and not Everybody loves Raymond.

hellllllnoooo should have used either periods:
or quotes
“everybody loves raymond”

without knowing some of the “advanced” techniques for searching, it’s rather like trying to shoot down a distant helicopter with a shotgun.

very tiny thing. blame google for this. hopefully my comment might help someone in future who arrives on this exact page looking for that exact thing ;)

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