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Hearing Aid

everybody loves eric raymond episode 45 strip

This ELER is brought to you not only with the power of The Gimp, but also the power of Inkscape. It makes working with the text and bubbles SO much easier. Also, I can put bubbles outside the edges of the panes now: did you notice that?

Someone wrote more Monty Python inspired geek jokery on Groklaw that made me chuckle. Jim Thompson wrote another MP-esque ELER script but I’m saving it for another day.

I’ve finally gotten around to providing some source files for ELER too. Everything needed to make this episode is available in the eler-source directory in a bzipped tarball. I’ll make more source files available slowly but surely. They are under the same Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, so basically you can modify them any way you like but the result must have the same license and credits (just link to this website). You can get the free-of-cost DigitalStrip font from Blambot. I’d love to see anything you create, so please do e-mail them along to me.