ELER highlights 2008

ELER lazily reuses previous strips and jokes in an attempt to sell more tshirts. yawn.

Holy shit I’ve forgotten how to use Gimp and Inkscape it’s been so long. In fact, I still remember how to use them but they’ve changed so much! Luckily, they have so many awesome new features this strip took half the time to make – which brings the average down to a sweet 3.5 months or so. And GIMP now supports CMYK!! – expect ELER in printed book form by next Xmas! Assuming analogue books will still be available then. And that we have enough oil left to transport them around.

The hiatus was due to upstream. Though normal programming may or may not resume shortly. Promises will not be made, guarantees surely broken, hope sold on ebay.

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Jim Thompson, unfortunately you act like a butt licking stupid doucebag! esr maybe a presumptuous inferior hacker; No one actually denies that (that he’s a loathsome egomaniac). But put that aside and think a little bit: Nedanet is a useful project (just like ip-rental). We Iranians are thankful to nedanet crew (which esr is just a part of). Stop ridiculing any goddamn thing this man does. Making any jokes that comes to your mind is not humane. This is utterly evil. You take yourself as a liberal human, but what you have done as a hacker with a heart towards humanity?! No really, I wanna know!! Iranians are being killed and tortured and denied of their rights and when people like Eric do their share of helping these people it’s not a laughable matter. Instead of helping these guys you laugh at them. Come on! I know you are not such an asshole.

“Iranians are being killed and tortured and denied of
their rights”

So you say. Afghans and Iraqis definitely are being killed and tortured
and denied of their rights, with Eric S. Raymond’s full approval.
Get the point?

So you say. Afghans and Iraqis definitely are being killed and tortured
and denied of their rights, with Eric S. Raymond’s full approval.
Get the point?

Ofcourse! Who said that I agree with him on that?! Firstly, the ongoing events about Iraq and Afganistan are not quite like what you said; at least US wiped Iraq of Saddam and cleared Afghanistan of Taliban(to a considerable degree). Secondly, the killings are not always pertained to American soldiers. you close your eyes on Wahhabis, Alqaida, Shias, etc. A lot of the bombings are muslims trying to kill each other or the American invaders. Anyhow I don’t want to completely deny the atrocities of Americans there but I think you seem to overlook the other factors. Thirdly, I never heard him approving those events, but let’s take your word as truth: I utterly disagree with him on that and it shows that he is an insensitive man about the issues of middle east and spoon-fed by FOX and the like. But the guy has a better analysis on Iran and (even it may seem as merely a self-promotion) tries to be a good human and does his share of promoting freedom and free-speech by engaging in nedanet. I mean, Come on! What’s wrong with that. I am an iranian and am using nedanet right now to post this comment!!! Let’s not ridicule him on this, if not help him.

He most certainly did (and continues to) approve of those events. He’s one of the larger war-mongers on the net.

Further, he’s in love with Sarah Palin.

“… act like a butt licking stupid doucebag!”???? I don’t act anything like ESR, sir!

ESR is an opportunist. Did he write nedanet? NO, he did not. Does he maintain it? No, he does not. Has he volunteered to be the public face? Yes he has.

Can you say, “Open Source 2.0”?

I knew you could.

> Apparently even they need the GPL.

Turns out its worse than this. Apparently, even MSFT is subject to the GPL. They were in violation prior to their release of the 20KLOC.


“He’s one of the larger war-mongers on the net.”

I totally disagree. He’s just a petty little man. The word “larger” is never justifiable!

Well, now… Jim fucking Thompson (who happens to be the one kicked in the arse and thrown out of esr’s blog) keeps coming back to a dead blog and shouts like a nervous ‘tard and thinks that he’s achieved something. Keep trying, you sick fuck!

Jim, you’re right. The current news coming from Raymond’s blog is the coolest in the last 10 years. He claims that Basij militia of Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon are after his ass!! What’s his evidence you may ask? A simple comment from an anonymous troll!! :) I think esr has completely lost his connection with reality. Someone should do him a favor and show him to a Freudian psychoanalyst.

Wow – a new strip shows up, I’m 8 months late reading it, and I’ve only missed one.

I’m guessing the “ELER Annual 2008” is going to be a very short book. 2009 is shaping up to be the same way.

Anyway, I’ll check back next year.

Siding with ysth on this; Xyclops Software : your URLs are broken, less than a month after posting. WTF is that?

Wow, it’s almost November again. I’m starting to look forward with anticipation to this years christmas special “Highlights of the past twelve months” edition already!

Cassandra: I did have something to say.

But now I withdraw it, since it seems to have been a temporary issue with

Will there be a comic concerning his recent blog post about ego?

Also, what are some ways to outcode him? I am sort of new to programming, but it seems to me that it shouldn’t be that hard if I actually try a bit.

We’re no strangers to eler
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other comic

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

this comic is dead, ya’ll. Give it up.

Thankfully we have XKCD.

It was a good series while it lasted.
Maybe we should fork this comic series?

We could even have duke nukem cameo.

HEY! Just found out there will be another strip next week…SAVED!!111

ps – This is a total lie. But that brief glimmer of hope was worth it though, wasn’t it?

And the IBM/TurboHercules fiasco provides no fuel??

C’mon, t-shirt sales have GOT to be down by now…

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