ELER highlights 2008

ELER lazily reuses previous strips and jokes in an attempt to sell more tshirts. yawn.

Holy shit I’ve forgotten how to use Gimp and Inkscape it’s been so long. In fact, I still remember how to use them but they’ve changed so much! Luckily, they have so many awesome new features this strip took half the time to make – which brings the average down to a sweet 3.5 months or so. And GIMP now supports CMYK!! – expect ELER in printed book form by next Xmas! Assuming analogue books will still be available then. And that we have enough oil left to transport them around.

The hiatus was due to upstream. Though normal programming may or may not resume shortly. Promises will not be made, guarantees surely broken, hope sold on ebay.

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Um, I get that they’re all the same exact strips with different captions, and this is supposed to be hilarious (trust me, Dinosaur Comics does it a lot better). But you realize “none” of the strips is actually from 2008.

I think the idea was that eler looked the same throughout 2008, partly due to there being no lampoon-worthy news last year.

Oh wait. What about…. (commence listing all the things which happened in 2008 I can’t be added to do)

WTF? 12 months passes and just a piece of shit!
Get your ass to work,John! It’s not so hard.
Oh,You used to be a hero idiot!…

Oh man, I thought my RSS reader was broken. Turns out this entry is actually supposed to do that.

ok: lazy, but nice auto irony ;-)

At least a sign that the eler author is still alive and kicking: can’t wait to see a real strip.

Happy 2009 guys!

Persistence pays off!!! I knew if I kept coming back something would happen. Even if it was the same panel repeated four times, I think that concept sums up 2008 pretty nicely.

Happy New Year, and looking forward to at least one more new ELER in 2009.

many of us browsed the archive this year, rediscovering old stuff. So it wasn’t all that bad and the site was still part of *my internet*

I have no idea why I like this strip. But I do. And I’ve missed it. I check almost every damned day in my rss feeder… Just know that you *are* appreciated… Thanks… And yes, I think this one is funny, but violates the “third wall”…. ;)

J, I think you mean *fourth* wall.

Anyway… It’s good to see ELER back. Let’s hope it sticks this time.

Get to work man, I didn’t give up on you. I knew you would post something sooner or later. And I don’t care for RSS readers, so I actually kept manually coming to the site on a semi-regular basis.

Cheating! The smallest-visible bottom-right-nested frame doesn’t recurse – it’s just the three-guys-sitting frame repeated.

Cheating, cheating. One or two more levels and we would have been led to believe it recursed down into infinity.

“I guess Eric doesn’t read his own blog. There is enough material there in itself to keep me going until my Linux uptime counter wraps around again.”

Yeah, right.

Yeah man, it would be nice to see more Eric Raymond comics. But basically, I’d like to say that I think Deven Gallo should be in the next strip.

Can we have a strip about Joerg Schilling? Pleeeease? He still trolls our Debian lists and Debian still trolls him.

Debian can’t handle the fact that Jörg Schilling writes better software and knows a lot more about German copyright law than them.

Well, when you think about it, writing better software than Debian is not that difficult…

That still doesn’t negate the fact that Joerg is a nut… and doesn’t listen to anyone *including the people who wrote CDDL* that CDDL is incompatible with the GPL and his software is therefore legally undistributable.

Heh! ELER is what RSS was invented for. Anyone who keeps coming back to check this site is doomed. But me? I just keep my RSS reader ticking away and once or twice a year it pops up to tell me there’s a new comic. Nice to see it back. Maybe get another one, soon? More strips surely = more t-shirts. :)

Why havent there been any strips about Laure DiDio

Shes a frikkin gold mine

also something about SCO latest jab, you know, they wanted to sell of some of their assets so they can continue with the lawsuits.

So I got myself kicked off esr’s blog for calling him ‘esr-hole’. Perhaps I should start a new site, “”. Could I pay you for a weekly strip, and then surround it with Google ads?

No? Oh well.

Also amusing:
>Clearly, he chose to work on Wesnoth because it was promising,

Oh, Marshal. You’re such a joy to have around. So uninententionally amusing. Yeah, sure that’s how I operate — I run around sniffing at the arseholes of projects, going “Ooooh! Oooh! Will this someday make the top-ten list in a magazine I never heard of before and don’t care about, or some other equally meaningless popularity contest?”

You’ve found me out. Tell all your friends, do.

Which ya know, could be correctly shortened to:

how I operate — I run around sniffing at the arseholes of projects, going “Ooooh! Oooh! Will this someday make the top-ten list in a magazine [,…], or some other […] popularity contest?

If I was into that kind of thing.


svn blame tells us that Eric has not read the manpage for read() (this error goes way back to the 1.x releases of gpsd):

548 esr int gps_poll(struct gps_data_t *gpsdata)
304 esr /* wait for and read data being streamed from the daemon */
251 esr {
1747 esr char buf[BUFSIZ];
2578 esr ssize_t n;
1930 esr double received = 0;
251 esr
1342 esr /* the daemon makes sure that every read is NUL-terminated */
1949 garyemiller n = read(gpsdata->gps_fd, buf, sizeof(buf)-1);
2350 esr if (n <= 0) {
2490 esr /* error or nothing read */
1342 esr return -1;
1949 garyemiller }

Within the rest of the program, errors returned from gps_poll are frequently handled by exiting gpsd. Why on Earth would you want to quit gpsd because of a short read? These are not errors, and can be returned for numerous reasons that do not indicate any kind of problem.

gpsd appears to be a POS style-wise, too. One could write a whole wiki about things Eric doesn’t understand about writing good code.

whew, somehow i just ended up starting reading an old esr ‘art of programming’ article without realizing who the author was. then i came here. close one.

Is it something like BSG “it all happened before, will happen again”? WTF?!

But seriously, you still pay for output bandwidth that I use every week to check this site and NOTHING is happening here. Man, I’d pay you to do some more ELERS – get yourself together and do some more! ;)

Here’s a great website idea I will give you for free:

“Digg for rescuing defunct websites”

The idea is, you submit a website that is neglected and which you wish would become active again. If it becomes popular, so much traffic is directed to the site that the maintainers become re-energized and shamed into updating it.

“Come on, ESR saying that the world does not need the GPL surely is

Well, it would be if he hadn’t been saying it for – what, nearly a
decade now?

> > Come on, ESR saying that the world does not need the GPL surely is
> > comic-worthy?!”

> Well, it would be if he hadn’t been saying it for – what, nearly a
> decade now?

The really funny bit is the part where he refers to himself as “respected” within the OSS movement. I LOL’d :-D

Jeff Read Says:
February 10th, 2009 at 5:25 pm

But Shenpen! Isn’t the promise of Apple’s iWorld that we can all become turtleneck-wearing latte-drinking art fops?

Sigh… there goes that dream…

esr Says:
February 10th, 2009 at 5:42 pm

That’s “art fags“, Jeff. Or did you censor yourself a bit, there?

ESR the linguistic critic.

Oh my, it is like a pine tree growing in every direction at once. I am baffled by the intricacy. Perhaps you could attack this squirrel with impunity, who has acquired your nuts and is eating of them with great delight.

This delay is inexcusable, especially with all the good material on ESR’s blog recently.


Could we have a ‘fake video’ that shows ESR (accidently) firing the fatal bullet at Neda?

Perhaps she can say, “Its only a flesh wound!”, in keeping with the MPFC references of previous strips.

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