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ELER 2006 prediction outtake

everybody loves eric raymond episode 35 strip

CENSORSHIP UPDATE: I can show turds in punch, tattooed arses, blood and murder but a gaping anus apparently crosses the line. I don’t know what the problem is. It’s just a stretched gaping anus. We *all* have distended gaping anuses right? Anyway, warning, this strip may contain a gaping anus. Click on the image to see it in all it’s uncensored anucular glory.

Not work safe btw. Oh, is it too late to tell you here?

This was from one of the many scripts that didn’t make it last week. You can bask in their lameness over on the script development wiki.

t-shirts update: The tshirts arrived yesterday and we’ll be sending them out over the next few days. Thanks to all who’ve ordered so far. Send in photos of you wearing them for the gallery. I’ll donate an extra £10 to the FSF for a (genuine) photo of you hugging esr whilst wearing one*.

  • ELER: ELER highlights 2005
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  • * one claim per tshirt