everybody loves eric raymond episode 57 strip

Hans Reiser has not been termed a suspect in his wife’s disappearance

Bruce Schneier with guns for some reason

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  1. It wasn’t me. You can check my journal….

  2. It seems like a sad case… The family is broken up, a woman is missing, and this…


    I think the S&M guy is to blame.

  3. Hope everything works out with your kids, Hans.

  4. ouch. sorry, way too soon.

  5. If he is innocent, this is slander… if he is guilty, you should have waited until he was found guilty in a court of law.

    Oh, and ‘Published almost once a week on average’ should be changed to ‘Published almost once a month on average’.

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  7. I really wish you hadn’t done this.

    From the most recent article Wikipedia links to:

    “Despite the focus on Hans Reiser, 42, Jordan said police are not even sure whether Nina Reiser’s disappearance involved foul play.”

    You live in the land of guilty-until-proven-innocent libel law; you may be skating on thin ice here.

  8. Kind of over the edge, dude.

  9. Ignore the downers. More OSS dirt plz!


  10. I don’t see how it’s slander, nothing is suggested, other than the fact that there might be genuine and innocent explanations for a circumstance about which some people might speculate a more insidious explanation.

    If you read accusations in to this comic, they are simply pouring out of the twisted depths of your own subconscious mind.

  11. I’m on the fence here. Its funny, but in bad taste. I doubt this is worthy of a livel suit tho.

  12. Isn’t the larger crime here clearly the use of marquee and blink tags?

    Still, that’s one dark set of panels. =/

  13. I have really enjoyed your comics, but I think this one is just too vicious.

    With all the humorous subjects in the world of open source, you choose to encourage laughter about the disappearance and possible murder of a woman?

    Really, man — if your wife disappeared, would you just brush off someone’s depiction of you drenched in blood?

    Don’t be a sociopath, man — take this down.

  14. It’s funny but in pretty bad taste at the moment.

    Might have been hilarious afterwards if it turns out everything turned out peachy.

  15. OTOH, if you’re looking for more related (relatively?) tasteless funnies, check out the Reddit thread.

    (I’m somewhat confused right now wether I should be sad or ROLF. I know its bad taste but…)

  16. In further developments Hans is trying to regain custody of his two children, both of whom having been placed at Alameda County Child Protective Services since his wife’s dissapearance.

  17. I’m okay with it. The whole point of this strip is to bash one guy. Prentending this has gone too far is a bit hypocritical.

  18. The difference here is that someone’s non-celebrity mother in the *real* world is missing and may be dead.

    At some point it may be fair game to O.J. this guy, but right now it’s waaaay premature.

    Seriously, I wish you’d pull this one for now.

  19. Ha ha ha – love the eyes on the T shirt.

    “Might have been hilarious afterwards if it turns out everything turned out peachy.”

    …or it might just be hilarious now.

  20. Ha ha, not vicious at all :-)

    Who is on the T-shirt by the way?

  21. Shirt-spong!

  22. They took his kids? Fucking childsnatchers! Let them deal with it as a FAMILY!

    Anyone who would take someone’s kids from them by force deserves to be shot as a kidnapper. Get it -KID-napping???

  23. Hey John, I have a suggestion for your next strip: suggest that the foster parents taking care of the Reiser’s kids are MOLESTING THEM. Won’t that be simply hilarious? Oh, you brits and your sense of humor. Brilliant!

    You haven’t just jumped the shark; you’ve tied it up and are butt-fucking it.

  24. I had no idea Hans Reiser was a devout Christian.

    Oh, wait, it was the PREVIOUS strip that was titled “Hacking for Christ”…

  25. I can’t stop laughing.

  26. This is freakin’ hilarious.

  27. I blame the Death Yoga and the Killing Pilates for his wife’s disappearance.

  28. Russ Nelson: “Oh, you brits and your sense of humor.

    Careful now Russ, you know how your racism can get you into trouble ;)

  29. John, don’t listen to this crowd of rabble: it’s a funny strip, and the circumstances don’t make it less so. If Hans has a problem with it, I’m sure he’ll be in touch.

    Meanwhile, the media is printing all sorts of stuff that, even though Hans isn’t a suspect in the case, is pretty good at attempting to character build him into the disgruntled, poor ex who is being litigated against for money, loans, and all sorts of stuff. Personally I don’t give a shit if his ex is doing S&M sex stuff with her new bf, and it surely has feck all to do with the public reportage of the case.

    This strip is dark, but light hearted compared to some of the media coverage. If you (the readers) don’t like this strip, install adblock in firefox (you’re using firefox, yes?), right click on the strip and click Adblock Image, then click OK. Sorted, you need never see it again.


  30. Hahahahahah! Good one!

  31. Ouch. Yeah, this is freaking hilarious if she isn’t dead, pretty damn sick if she is.

    BTW, a dozen years younger than him, Russian, and runs off with a weirdo? I’d make a joke about the warranty on his mail order running out… if she’s alive.

  32. 2 FUNNY… I hope the Reiser children have time to surf the web. They would find this one Hilarious…

  33. You and your practical solutions, neuro… Don’t you understand that people are indignant here?!

    You’re like these people who tell folk there’s an off switch and other channels on their TV sets when they see something offensive on there. Don’t you understand that when people are offended by something they need to cling onto it like a teddy or a substitute for real opinions.

  34. It’s a plot by Bill Gates and Steve Balmer to discredit kernel developers.

  35. Wait – I knew he’d killed his wife, but he’s also faked a signoff? That’s bullshit. This time Berkeley Boy has gone TOO FAR!

  36. not funny guys. Michael Robinson at linspire is a freakin GOLD MINE, go there please

  37. yup, wasn’t funny.

  38. Hard Ass: Lime is used as a way of making a corpse decompose rapidly, to hide evidence. The comic is quite clear in suggesting that Reiser is trying to dispose of a dead body. Save your amateur psychoanalysis.

    I once worked with Hans Reiser. I didn’t know him that well, and it was years ago. I hope his wife is OK.

  39. Joe: Lime is used generally in gardening, usually to speed up composting.

    Read the comic again. Hans doesn’t sweat, he doesn’t um and ah, he doesn’t look nervous.

    Seems to me that the comic is a satire of the media coverage, and perhaps of the twisted depths of your own expectations.

  40. Vanunu: Then why do Linus’ eyes pop out in the last panel? Because Linus thinks Hans killed somebody. Just like any reader would, given the image of Hans in the comic.

    Not only that, the ticker below the comic wouldn’t be there if the comic didn’t clearly imply that Hans killed his wife.

    I was wrong when I said in an earlier comment that the comic is slander, because it dosen’t explicitly assert anything; but this does not mean twisted depths of imagination are required to realize what the comic implies.

  41. You are a cockhead dude. (the creator of that “comic” at the top)

    Give the guy a break.
    How would you like it if someone you loved had suddenly dissappeared.

    I hope your ashamed of yourself.

  42. While i fount this to be very funny, I have to agree that Linspire is a possible joke gold mine – especially now that Eric is with them.

  43. You are all feeding right into the point of the comic. Taken seperately each situation has a clear and easy explanation, but put together and coupled with the disappearance of his wife your media trained minds leap to the conclusion that he’s killed her. Welcome to the Hurd, sheep. This is why in the US we have an innocent until provent guilty judicial system. Until all the facts are known and analyzed you are all making wild assumptions with partial truths. Once the facts of the matter are all laid out then, and only then, can you make an honest judgement of the situation. The strip lays out “facts” as to his bloodied clothes and shovel. He has somewhat reasonable explanations, but you all play right into the morbid trump card throw in your personal feelings and blame the author for making you think them… and then you project them onto his motives for creating the strip in the first place and call it bad taste. I call it a good exercise at waking people up to the biases they have and the media conditioning they get. Me, I’m waiting for official word of his situation before I make a final judgement of this particular strip.

    Have a nice day.

  44. So he may have been a little early on the comic, but not really off target:


  45. Hans was arrested earlier today.

  46. Don’t listen to those people who can’t take a freaking joke.

    I think its funny.

    Some people here seem to forget this is a comic strip and sometimes comic strips (and many forms of comedy shows, etc) make fun of hot topic issues.

    You might want to change the subtext on the banner to say ‘almost once a month’

  47. Hans was arrested earlier today for murdering his wife.


  48. I didn’t know there was a line but I think you just crossed it. Oh,and fuzzix, whether I’m offended has nothing to do with whether I think this strip should be posted. I respect the author’s right to free speech. Please respect my right to express my distaste.

  49. I think it’s time to take down the Marquee and Blinking text….

  50. In addition, Reiser alleged that Sturgeon wrote into a contract that Reiser must participate in ‘Death Yoga,’ which he said has the purpose of
    ‘slowing down one’s heart to the point of death.’

    At least from the referenced article Reiser sounds perhaps unhinged.

    Leach — was it good to butt-fucked the restrained shark? I’m sure many of us would like a morsel of that.

  51. “Resiser was NOT suspect in wife’s murder”
    Now he is…


  53. this wasn’t funny at all :-(

  54. Would have been funnier if Hans was growing dancing trees and not petunias.

    Also, I hope he didn’t actually kill her… =/

  55. Nice, very nice.
    I agree, it’s a joke, and it’s not even assuming that Reiser actually commited a crime… that’s the fun in humor: the absurd.

    Keep the good work,


  56. Also, I find the usage of the blink tag interesting.

    Interesting in the “Schroedinger’s cat is not dead” sort of way.

  57. Lets try again. “Shroedinger’s cat is <blink>not</blink> dead.”

  58. It’s probably made even funnier by the fact Hans has now been arrested – http://cbs5.com/localwire/localfsnews/bcn/2006/10/10/n/HeadlineNews/REISER-HOMICIDE/resources_bcn_html

  59. Uh dude you might wanna update your marquee lol

  60. Chill out, people.

  61. I work for Hans Reiser, so I’m really getting a kick out of all these posts…

  62. Maybe they just arrested him for being an asshole. You know, by reputation it’s not unbelievable that he’d made his non-knowledge of his wife’s disappearance known in a way that the cops would find suspicious. Still an asshole, but… reasonable doubt, anyone?

  63. Also, damn good comedy.

  64. Has anyone mentioned that Reiser has been arrested. Just wondering. I can’t be bothered to read the prior comments or anything. Or ctrl-f for arrested, even.

  65. The question is, is he really paranoid, or is he just preparing for an insanity-defense?

  66. See, this is why I use a BSD license. I’ll take McCusick over Linus any day, and I don’t think he ever strangled a chick just to watch her cry.

  67. It’s time to dust off this old meme:

  68. The spouse is always the prime suspect. I’m sorry to hear he has been arrested for it, though. That kind of thing is really hard to recover from if it turns out to be an error.

  69. I think the comic is brilliant, and in perfect alignment with the spirit of ELER. Keep up the good work (though it would be nice to see the good work appear a little more frequently than it has been), and don’t listen to the naysayers.

  70. >>the spirit of ELER.
    The spirit of ELER is ridiculing open-source people who shoot their mouth off (ESR’s blog), have quircky amusing personal habits (St iGNUtius) or silly ideas (bitkeeper).

    I fail to see how the disappearance of someones ex-wife fits the formula.

    >>and don’t listen to the naysayers.

    The “naysayers” are just here to remind the author that if he wishes to shift the demography of his readership to fourteen year old internet tough guys, he only needs to keep this up.

  71. The strip should have been about ESR letting HR borrow one of his automatic rifles.

  72. I love the smell of (self) righteous indignation in the morning.

    Why is it people’s first reaction to something they don’t like is to demand it be removed, destroyed or banned? Free speech as long as I agree with what you say, is that it?

    Don’t like it? Go elsewhere and leave us ’14 year olds’ in peace you humourless old codgers.

  73. Hasn’t Reiser been named suspect today?

  74. Tops. Don’t give in to the Merkin whiners asking for it to be taken down. Keep up the good work.

  75. >>I love the smell of (self) righteous indignation in the morning.

    That much is obvious.

    >>Why is it people’s first reaction to something they don’t like is to demand it be removed, destroyed or banned?

    removed, destroyed, banned ? Oh my….

    >>Free speech as long as I agree with what you say, is that it?

    Is what what now ? A strawman ? Why yes.

    >>Don’t like it? Go elsewhere and leave us ‘14 year olds’ in peace you humourless old codgers.

    Exactly my point, but thanks for not reading anyway.

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  77. I’m not really caring so much about the free speech issue at hand here. I just think that this strip is in bad taste.

    Yeah, there is the fact that this person is in the F/OSS world. However the more important thing is that there is a woman missing, possibly dead, and the family does not need to have this matter taken lightly.

    I come to this site for a laugh every so often. I’m sorry that you have sunk to this level. If you’re really out of good fun ideas for this strip just give it up. Going for this type of crowd just taints all the fun you’ve brought out before.

  78. Sorry, this was pretty funny. Even today. Nice comic. It would have been funny even if Hans hadn’t been arrested too by the way, and if he’d been totally innocent, which of course he still is technically speaking.

    However, if you watched some of the police news conferences, it went from 10 days ago Hans Reiser not being worth following because the OPD doesn’t have the manpower to do that to, after the DNA test, the OPD devoting at times 24 hour per day tailing of Reiser.

    If I was Reiser, I’d be very very worried right about now. And if I was him, I’d be starting to make sure that, if innocent or guilty, my defense attorney is of the very highest quality money can buy. Guilty or innocent, that’s what is going to get you off in either case.

    But the strip itself was really funny no matter the fact that reality caught up.

  79. >I fail to see how the disappearance of someones ex-wife fits the formula.

    Hans has been on the ELER hitlist for some time prior to the disappearance of his wife on the basis of his overwhelmingly abrasive personality and of his constant failure to interact sanely with any community he comes into contact with (and , to a lesser extent, the weird 3D model people on the Reiser4 page). I would’ve thought anyone remotely familiar with Hans wouldn’t need to be shown the connection between his insane social interactions and this week’s strip.

  80. > The spirit of ELER is ridiculing open-source people who shoot their
    > mouth off (ESR’s blog), have quircky amusing personal habits
    > (St iGNUtius) or silly ideas (bitkeeper).

    Killing your wife is pretty silly.

  81. Missing woman’s blood found in husband’s house, car:


  82. [...] ReiserFS:n kehittäjä Hans Reiser on keskellä huonoa amerikkalaista tv-elokuvaa. Everybody loves Eric Raymond heittää pahan läpän aiheesta. [...]

  83. someone said you use lime to get rid of a body, that’s wrong. you use lye to get rid of a body, not lime.

  84. This is in supremely bad taste. It’s also the funniest thing I’ve seen about the whole crazy Reiser affair. Keep up the good work!

    p.s. I reckon it was the government what did it. I mean, Namesys was sponsored by DARPA but farmed out most of the work to Russians. Reiser4 still hasn’t made it into the kernel mainline, and Hans has always been ‘difficult’ to work with. This is the US government’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the hard work.

  85. I think it’s the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.
    - George Carlin

    From some quote of the day site…

  86. Seconding the guy who said you should do a strip about ESR lending one of his guns to Reiser.

  87. This isn’t libel, it is satire. In the united states satire is well protected in the law. In various lawsuites, people have gotten away with all things in satire they couldn’t say in direct speech.

  88. >>the spirit of ELER.
    The spirit of ELER is ridiculing open-source people who shoot their mouth off (ESR’s blog), have quircky amusing personal habits (St iGNUtius) or silly ideas (bitkeeper).

    I fail to see how the disappearance of someones ex-wife fits the formula.

    >>and don’t listen to the naysayers.

    The “naysayers” are just here to remind the author that if he wishes to shift the demography of his readership to fourteen year old internet tough guys, he only needs to keep this up.

    Very well said!!!

  89. Sorry, didn’t mean to make it seem like I wrote the entirety of the last message. I meant to just add the very last line.

  90. LYE, not LIME.

  91. disgusting. Not much else to be said.

  92. Lime is correct, as even a cursory google search will show. Google is your friend, learn how to use it.

  93. Hahahahahaahahhahahaha Fuck you if you can’t take a joke as that was frickin’ great!

  94. You Lye not Lime wankers really need to watch The Wire.

  95. It’s not looking good for Reiser:


  96. Hilarious. Ignore the people who say it isn’t funny. It may not be funny to them, but there’s no accounting for taste. If the guy didn’t do it, no harm done, it’s a joke. If he did, and so far it sure looks like he did, then well, I guess I don’t want to talk about that except to say I’m glad that I already use XFS :P

  97. you can change the scrolling banner now…

  98. Bad taste is OK. I can deal with bad taste.

    Making fun of egotistical people having petty rows, etc. is fine and all, but this is a really real thing where someone has potentially suffered a deeply unpleasant violent death, children potentially having to grow up with no mother and alledgedly a murderer for a father.

    I look forward to a(n hillarious) future strip featuring John Leach cracking jokes at the funeral of his mother who has been killed in a car crash. w00t! I’m laughing my ass off already.

    “Bruce Schneier Facts” – that was fucking funny!

    This, however, is just off.

  99. [...] And of course, don’t miss the relevant ELER strip.   [...]

  100. Another scary picture from namesys.com:

  101. That banner STILL hasn’t been updated…I wonder if Reiser’s struck again??

  102. Hilarious. Keep up the good work.

  103. Lime is quite caustic and will therefore function like lye for most purposes.

  104. Bitter divorce with her getting custody.
    Last seen at his house.
    Her blood in his house.
    Her blood in his car.
    The passenger seat of the car with her blood in it missing.

  105. If I’ve understood correctly, the police haven’t actually found the body yet.

    How curious: the same happened to my /opt/ once!

  106. is funny.

  107. > Bad taste is OK. I can deal with bad taste.

    You’ve just shown you can’t.

  108. Maximum ZING to UnixMafiA there. Ouch. =)


  110. Man, this is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Even if he hadn’t got caught up in the mess he is in, this is perfect.

    To paraphrase Hans:
    “Just because you aren’t smart enough to understand why this isn’t over the edge, that doesn’t mean it is over the edge. Leave edginess to the people who understand it, not a bunch of schmucks who knew edginess when it started but now are holding it back.”


  111. Next we’ll hear ESR claiming that he never killed his wife.

  112. uncyclopedia.org/wiki/UnNews:Linux:_Every_time_you_use_EXT3%2C_Hans_Reiser_kills_again

  113. What’s next? Hans is getting a lethal injection from Novell? Eric, come on, I know, your Brain can bring it, all the Kids here will more ROTFLAHMS!

  114. Free Reiser!

  115. I’m Jim Thompson, and I approve of this comic strip.

  116. Funny Russ, and a http://www.angry-necrotomist.com back at ya.

  117. I must say it is refreshing to get away from the “Innocent until proven guilty” crowd who won’t consider guilt until he’s caught on video doing it with a butcher knife.

    It appears to me like he’s probably guilty as sin.

    I’ve heard no “I didn’t do it!” or “I’ve been framed!” out of the Hans Reiser camp, though the bloody sleeping bag, the blood in his car, the missing car seat, and murder investigation books all seem to suggest either extreme stupidity or a frame-up.

    What I see is classic Hans Reiser arrogance and overconfidence. He and his lawyer are basically saying “You can’t prove a thing!”

    I guess, to a great extent, it hinges on whether anyone can figure out what Hans did with the body.

  118. Wasn’t ESR out on the west coast, at some sort of a Sword Camp, around the time of the ‘incident’… hmmm

  119. According to Russ Nelson, ESR was done with sword camp by Aug 12.

    Sword Camp was put on by Aegis Consulting, August 6th – August 12th in Michigan.


    But yes, esr did go to the West coast after sword camp to attend
    Linux World, followed by the World Science Fiction Convention.

    Linux World was August 14-17 in San Francisco, CA

    World Science Fiction Convention was August 23-27, 2006, in Aneheim, CA.

    After WSFC, Eric went to meet/get in bed with Linspire. Likely in San Diego.

    Linspire annunced that CNR was free (as in beer) on August 30.

    Nina didn’t go missing until September 3rd (Oakland), seven days after WSFC.

    But we don’t know how long esr stayed in San Diego, extracting tribute from Michael Robinson.

  120. ESR has demonstrated a proclivity for various activities that go bang, slash, poke, or chop… hmm

  121. “I’ll take McCusick over Linus any day, and I don’t think he ever strangled a chick just to watch her cry.”

    That’s cuz McCusick is fucking gay. He doesn’t do chicks.

  122. BTW, that was meant with the utmost respect. I was just stating a fact. :-)

  123. And I’d like to point out to the wankers, that when somebody makes a funny, it’s still called COMEDY. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant.

  124. By this, I mean that this was completely hilarious. Brilliantly done, even if it was in poor taste. Poor taste is what ELER does best, and that’s why we’re here! :-)

  125. hahahahahaha.

    There’s nothing funny about murder. Except when it’s committed by a Linux kernel programmer. Or a clown.

  126. “Sword camp”? Oooo, I’m so scared.

  127. Some of these cranky posters are as bad as Mothers Against Maddox (http://www.geocities.com/mothersagainstmaddox/). Sure, it’s in bad taste, but so is the rest of this strip. It’s still hilarious.

  128. This was funny.

    Why all the thin skins? We all enjoy Darwin awards. Those were people too, but is there anyone in this list who hasn’t laughed at those?

  129. Oh get over yourselves people. Its funny.

  130. why isn’t this site updated anymore. Once every 3 months is not acceptable.

  131. I thought this was hilarious, but felt guilty about it afterwards. Is that ok?

  132. guilt is a sign of weakness. haven’t you seen little miss sunshine

  133. Oh, man. This is awful! This is totally sick!

    Luckily, the humor totally redeems it.

    Maybe an alternative ending would make it more palatable to the squeamish.

    Suggestion for the last panel: The Aristocrats!

  134. "Some of these cranky posters are as bad as Mothers Against Maddox (http://www.geocities.com/mothersagainstmaddox/). Sure, it’s in bad taste, but so is the rest of this strip. It’s still hilarious."

    that’s hilarious! maddox rocks. nothing like interweb shock pages on a sunday morning.

  135. Re the comparison to Mothers Against Maddox:

    I think I missed the part where any of the comments here suggested ELER be forcibly removed from the Internet. Or even actually asked that this particular strip be taken down.

  136. To everyone who thinks this strip is funny:


    But then again, I will be there with you because I thought this was hilarious.

  137. Not really sure what to say about this one… It is pretty funny, but you’ve got to feel sorry for the guy (unless it turns out that he DID do it…)

    BTW lye, lime, whatever. Any strong base should do the trick :)

  138. Come on, update! A whole month has passed already.

  139. Good lord people, if you don’t have a sense of humour get off the internet.

  140. There’s nothing funny about a web comic not updating for an entire month.


  142. @ Anal McLoony : It’s open source, update it yourself.

  143. I call Shenanigans.
    There’s a doins’ a transpirin’ here!

    ESR goes to ninja sword camp and disappears…
    Reiser’s wife disappears..
    ELER’s updates stop…

    all of this around the same time.. hmmm

  144. Has anyone noticed that you never see ESR and Superman together? Something to think about.

  145. Very funny… made my day. Thanks.

  146. DON’T UPDATE!!!

    As the search for Nina’s body drags on, this strip only gets funnier.

  147. I think thats the point.

  148. [...] So I married a kernel programmer. Reiser on wikipedia Reiser4 Reiser on uncyclopedia [...]

  149. Hope the jurors or the defense could have the real justice for Hans.

  150. I hope someone out there could review his case before final analysis. I smell conspiracy going around here. Please help Hans, if ever Linus is reading this by now, please.

  151. we need updates :(

  152. I can’t blame you for letting your Magnum Opus stand for more than a month, but it’s time for another cartoon.

  153. So… Update?

  154. Leech, I haven’t been able to maintain an erection for a month due to your lack of updates. My wife and mistresses implore you, as does my little friend Obadiah. Please replenish his game with a fresh strip.

  155. So… John Leach disappeared after this cartoon was published — coincidence?

  156. In case anyone missed it, Hans plead “Not Guilty” on Tuesday.

    It also appears that:

    a) the cops have “potentially damaging tape recorded statements” (the story doesn’t say who made them)

    b) One or Reiser’s lawyers quit the case because he is “too busy” with other cases.

    c) this statement, made by Reiser’s other lawyer, sound ominous to me:

    “No case in the history of California based on circumstantial evidence of murder has featured an investigation which ran such a short period of time,” Dubois said.

    heh… maybe the cops had all they needed after that short period of time.


  157. perhaps he run away with Reisers wife? ;-)

  158. In case people are concerned, John is still alive.

  159. As Nina Reiser ?

  160. [...] I’m amazed you found me via ELER – I actually bought a ELER “Knuth is my homeboy” T Shirt because I’m a committee member of the UK TeX Users Group :-) [...]

  161. What, no James Kim strip?

  162. 2 months since the last strip? Your fans are getting restless!

  163. James Kim is dead. Its unlikely that Hans (or esr) had anything to do with it.

  164. I am having abstinence syndrome.
    I just need one more strip.

  165. OK. I just saw Dilbert. I am fine now.

  166. Jesus Titty Fucking Christ with a furry kitten, it is about damn time that we get an update!!!

  167. It should be now called “So I made fun of kernel programmer” but nobody can update the site

  168. Everybody used to love Eric Ramond.

  169. lala update? don’t encourage him ..

    what do call a quadrapalegic in a swimming pool?


    what do you call a quadrapalegic in a pile of leaves.


  170. OMG this webcomic is deader than James Kim.

  171. what do you call a quadrapalegic in a pile of leaves, ranting about economics as though he understands the term?

    Russel Nelson

  172. The marquee says he’s not a suspect.

    That’s wrong. Isn’t he the PRIME SUSPECT?

  173. This is not in open source spirit at all. There are many people here with equal or greater talents to the webby here, why not go and make your own web comic which *is* updated? It’s not like ELER has a monopoly on funny, and “system and method for vibrating Funny Bones via HTTP” does not appear in the patent registry.

    I think every web comic has a life span after which almost every strip sucks. Ctrl-Alt-Del is completely dead, UserFriendly is completely dead, but e.g. Penny Arcade is still going strong. I wonder if ELER would qualify as dead for just not having any new strips to judge.

  174. OMG!!!

    Hans killed this website too. FRY HIM!!!

  175. “jesus titty fucking christ”, that’s priceless!

  176. Please folks.. Stick to XFS or ext3 :)

  177. [...] Found a cartoon about the situation with Hans Reiser, this is a bit old but hey. [...]

  178. haha the eyes on the shirt go wide, brilliant!

  179. To be honest, if I had written ReiserFS, I’d have killed people too.

  180. This isn’t funny. It wasn’t funny before HR was named as a suspect, and it certainly isn’t funny now.

  181. Hilarious, brilliant. Hilaribrillious.

  182. [...] heated discussion on the Wikipedia Hans Reiser article. It’s about including a link to the ELER comic about Nina Reiser’s disappearance. Nobody there really seems to quite grok the [...]

  183. Hans Reiser’s wife AND my file system mysteriously disappears!


  184. Funny as hell. But you’re still a total bastard for doing it ;)

  185. Funniest. Comic. Ever.

  186. That’s a bit much, isn’t it?

  187. I totally called it! It was the S&M guy!


    Free Hans Reiser!

  188. Well, the S&M guy murdered some other people, but he hasn’t admitted to killing her. I dunno considering the freaky S&M guy, the messy divorce, the strangely lacking seat from Reiser’s car – it’s a mess of a case.

  189. Trial has started…

  190. > Well, the S&M guy murdered some other people

    From what I saw, he *said* he murdered other people, but the police don’t believe him. High profile cases like this often bring out a few attention-starved losers who make outrageous claims and false confessions so they can bask in the media limelight.

    Something like four people now have confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey, for instance.

  191. guilty untill proven innocent?
    common people give this guy a break.
    you cant charge anyone untill there is absolutely, ultimately no question whatsoever to whether they are guilty or not. Charging someone based on ideas, uncomplete scenario building and partial fact is just plain lazy. prove it, beyond all doubt, scientifically and tactically, that they are guilty/not guilty or stop wasting the time and money of countless victims of the poor excuse which is the jurdicial system.

  192. Guess it’s time to remove the “Hans Reiser has *not* been termed a suspect in his wife’s disappearance” text then:


  193. Today Hans was convicted (‘found’ guilty by jury verdict) of first degree murder in the matter of his wife’s death.


  194. Killer File System !

  195. Dear Hans, if you’re reading this: Your lawyer sucks almost as bad as ReiserFS: No corpus delicti, the crime shouldn’t have even gone to trial.

    Ask him about appealing the crime. Also some states have statutes/laws regarding “impassioned juries” which is what looks like skanked ya.

  196. From the Wikipedia article on corpus delicti:

    Evidence in the case of British serial killer John George Haigh indicated that he decided to destroy the bodies of his victims with acid because he had the mistaken belief that, in the absence of a corpse, murder could not be proven because there was no corpus delicti. Haigh had misinterpreted the Latin word corpus as a literal body rather than a figurative one.

    While I’m posting, I’d like to add my voice to the multitude asking for an update to the marquee message. I’m not sure if the cartoon is in better or worse taste now that Hans has been convicted, but the marquee is certainly tasteless.

  197. anyone who complains about this is a pussy who doesn’t deserve an opinion. learn to laugh, and whatever happens to han’s happens. this comic will not destroy the world.

  198. Hans Reiser, the Linux programmer convicted of killing his wife, Nina Reiser, led authorities to her body Monday evening, one of his attorneys said.



    Plea bargain for murder in the 2nd degree.
    15 years on good behavior.

  199. wired is now reportng that Hans has led authorities to Nna’s remains.

  200. Maybe you should remove that ticker again :)

  201. Never assume anything, guilt or innocence. Those of you who were in the HR cheerleading section: perhaps your expressions of sympathy should have been extended to the children whose mother was first missing and is now dead. Too bad they can’t fry your worthless ass Hans.

  202. I was never in the HR cheerleading section, but, honestly, the story he told about Nina hiding out in Russia etc etc is a lot less dreadful and more hopeful than the truth, as it turns out.

    At least the family has closure. But it’s Closure.

  203. Art mirrors life! Isn’t it interesting that nearly two years later the revealed facts of the case are damn nigh exactly synopsized in this crazy cartoon?

  204. okey, there is probably more of win than fail.

  205. I’m sorry he’s guilty, being killed by another wouldn’t have changed anything for Nina, but a lot for the rest of her family. And it’s always sad when society loses a brilliant mind because he went temporarily or permanently mad.

  206. [...] webu geekz.co.uk/lovesraymond/ a je šířen pod licencí CC by-sa 2.5. Původně ten komiks vznikl 7. října 2006 a podle informací u mého souboru jsem jej překládal 16. října 2006, tedy jen o pár dnů [...]

  207. Hans beaten by fellow prisoners.


  208. Pure class

  209. “anyone who complains about this is a pussy who doesn’t deserve an opinion. learn to laugh, and whatever happens to han’s happens. this comic will not destroy the world.”

    True…. plus, the bitch obviously had it coming :)

  210. Why did you guys pick me to be on ZIPPY’s T-Shirt?

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