ELER highlights 2008

January 2nd, 2009

ELER lazily reuses previous strips and jokes in an attempt to sell more tshirts. yawn.

Holy shit I’ve forgotten how to use Gimp and Inkscape it’s been so long. In fact, I still remember how to use them but they’ve changed so much! Luckily, they have so many awesome new features this strip took half the time to make – which brings the average down to a sweet 3.5 months or so. And GIMP now supports CMYK!! – expect ELER in printed book form by next Xmas! Assuming analogue books will still be available then. And that we have enough oil left to transport them around.

The hiatus was due to upstream. Though normal programming may or may not resume shortly. Promises will not be made, guarantees surely broken, hope sold on ebay.

Bruce Schneier with guns for some reason

Bruce Schneier Facts

A few things you probably didn't know about Bruce Schneier. The Bruce Schneier Facts Database.

Knuth is my Homeboy t-shirts

Knuth is my homeboy T-shirts

Available at the ELER Shop. Be the envy of the tiny minority of your friends who know who Donald Knuth is.


  1. Um, I get that they’re all the same exact strips with different captions, and this is supposed to be hilarious (trust me, Dinosaur Comics does it a lot better). But you realize “none” of the strips is actually from 2008.

  2. I think the idea was that eler looked the same throughout 2008, partly due to there being no lampoon-worthy news last year.

    Oh wait. What about…. (commence listing all the things which happened in 2008 I can’t be added to do)

  3. ‘s/added/arsed/’ (damn auto correction)

  4. Thank you! I needed a good laugh this morning, and this did the trick.

  5. Matthew Flaschen:

    You may have missed the point.

  6. WTF? 12 months passes and just a piece of shit!
    Get your ass to work,John! It’s not so hard.
    Oh,You used to be a hero idiot!…

  7. About fucking time!

  8. WHOA! What just happened?

  9. Oh man, I thought my RSS reader was broken. Turns out this entry is actually supposed to do that.

  10. ok: lazy, but nice auto irony ;-)

    At least a sign that the eler author is still alive and kicking: can’t wait to see a real strip.

    Happy 2009 guys!

  11. Wow, I thought you died

  12. Persistence pays off!!! I knew if I kept coming back something would happen. Even if it was the same panel repeated four times, I think that concept sums up 2008 pretty nicely.

    Happy New Year, and looking forward to at least one more new ELER in 2009.

  13. many of us browsed the archive this year, rediscovering old stuff. So it wasn’t all that bad and the site was still part of *my internet*

  14. I have no idea why I like this strip. But I do. And I’ve missed it. I check almost every damned day in my rss feeder… Just know that you *are* appreciated… Thanks… And yes, I think this one is funny, but violates the “third wall”…. ;)

  15. J, I think you mean *fourth* wall.

    Anyway… It’s good to see ELER back. Let’s hope it sticks this time.

    Get to work man, I didn’t give up on you. I knew you would post something sooner or later. And I don’t care for RSS readers, so I actually kept manually coming to the site on a semi-regular basis.

  16. Oh God, you just missed so much material, starting with “masturbating monkeys”…

  17. Holy shit! Gimp supports CMYK!? What will the photoshop fanboys find to complain about now?

  18. Cheating! The smallest-visible bottom-right-nested frame doesn’t recurse – it’s just the three-guys-sitting frame repeated.

    Cheating, cheating. One or two more levels and we would have been led to believe it recursed down into infinity.

  19. “I guess Eric doesn’t read his own blog. There is enough material there in itself to keep me going until my Linux uptime counter wraps around again.”

    Yeah, right.

  20. Yeah man, it would be nice to see more Eric Raymond comics. But basically, I’d like to say that I think Deven Gallo should be in the next strip.

  21. Can we have a strip about Joerg Schilling? Pleeeease? He still trolls our Debian lists and Debian still trolls him.

  22. Debian can’t handle the fact that Jörg Schilling writes better software and knows a lot more about German copyright law than them.

    Well, when you think about it, writing better software than Debian is not that difficult…

  23. That still doesn’t negate the fact that Joerg is a nut… and doesn’t listen to anyone *including the people who wrote CDDL* that CDDL is incompatible with the GPL and his software is therefore legally undistributable.

  24. Holy crap, a new ELER? There’s hope for us all yet.

  25. Heh! ELER is what RSS was invented for. Anyone who keeps coming back to check this site is doomed. But me? I just keep my RSS reader ticking away and once or twice a year it pops up to tell me there’s a new comic. Nice to see it back. Maybe get another one, soon? More strips surely = more t-shirts. :)

  26. RSS is for loosers. and cronjobs.

    i like to open all my comics bookmarks every morning.

  27. Why havent there been any strips about Laure DiDio

    Shes a frikkin gold mine

    also something about SCO latest jab, you know, they wanted to sell of some of their assets so they can continue with the lawsuits.

  28. screw you deus. now you want that they read actual news to make the strip?!

  29. So I got myself kicked off esr’s blog for calling him ‘esr-hole’. Perhaps I should start a new site, “esr-hole.com”. Could I pay you for a weekly strip, and then surround it with Google ads?

    No? Oh well.

    Also amusing:

    >Clearly, he chose to work on Wesnoth because it was promising,

    Oh, Marshal. You’re such a joy to have around. So uninententionally amusing. Yeah, sure that’s how I operate — I run around sniffing at the arseholes of projects, going “Ooooh! Oooh! Will this someday make the top-ten list in a magazine I never heard of before and don’t care about, or some other equally meaningless popularity contest?”

    You’ve found me out. Tell all your friends, do.

    Which ya know, could be correctly shortened to:

    how I operate — I run around sniffing at the arseholes of projects, going “Ooooh! Oooh! Will this someday make the top-ten list in a magazine [,...], or some other [...] popularity contest?

    If I was into that kind of thing.


  30. The less optimistic of you might want to submit ELER to Gravedigg: http://www.gravedigg.co.uk

    I’m optimistic though :)

  31. Not while the esr-hole is still making claims to “channeling Pan”, which we all correctly decode as “blowing goats”.

  32. svn blame tells us that Eric has not read the manpage for read() (this error goes way back to the 1.x releases of gpsd):

    548 esr int gps_poll(struct gps_data_t *gpsdata)
    304 esr /* wait for and read data being streamed from the daemon */
    251 esr {
    1747 esr char buf[BUFSIZ];
    2578 esr ssize_t n;
    1930 esr double received = 0;
    251 esr
    1342 esr /* the daemon makes sure that every read is NUL-terminated */
    1949 garyemiller n = read(gpsdata->gps_fd, buf, sizeof(buf)-1);
    2350 esr if (n <= 0) {
    2490 esr /* error or nothing read */
    1342 esr return -1;
    1949 garyemiller }

    Within the rest of the program, errors returned from gps_poll are frequently handled by exiting gpsd. Why on Earth would you want to quit gpsd because of a short read? These are not errors, and can be returned for numerous reasons that do not indicate any kind of problem.

    gpsd appears to be a POS style-wise, too. One could write a whole wiki about things Eric doesn’t understand about writing good code.

  33. Marshal, did esr ban you and jim?

  34. whew, somehow i just ended up starting reading an old esr ‘art of programming’ article without realizing who the author was. then i came here. close one.

  35. Okay, there’s simply no way this can claim to be an ESR humor site without using this item:


    Eric claims the GPL is unnecessary, and as proof he cites himself and his own research!

  36. Is it something like BSG “it all happened before, will happen again”? WTF?!

    But seriously, you still pay for output bandwidth that I use every week to check this site and NOTHING is happening here. Man, I’d pay you to do some more ELERS – get yourself together and do some more! ;)

  37. Here’s a great website idea I will give you for free:

    “Digg for rescuing defunct websites”

    The idea is, you submit a website that is neglected and which you wish would become active again. If it becomes popular, so much traffic is directed to the site that the maintainers become re-energized and shamed into updating it.

  38. Come on, ESR saying that the world does not need the GPL surely is comic-worthy?!

  39. “Come on, ESR saying that the world does not need the GPL surely is

    Well, it would be if he hadn’t been saying it for – what, nearly a
    decade now?

  40. @Cassandra/Alphager:
    > > Come on, ESR saying that the world does not need the GPL surely is
    > > comic-worthy?!”

    > Well, it would be if he hadn’t been saying it for – what, nearly a
    > decade now?

    The really funny bit is the part where he refers to himself as “respected” within the OSS movement. I LOL’d :-D

  41. Jeff Read Says:
    February 10th, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    But Shenpen! Isn’t the promise of Apple’s iWorld that we can all become turtleneck-wearing latte-drinking art fops?

    Sigh… there goes that dream…

    esr Says:
    February 10th, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    That’s “art fags“, Jeff. Or did you censor yourself a bit, there?

    ESR the linguistic critic.

  42. “Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto”


  43. Oh my, it is like a pine tree growing in every direction at once. I am baffled by the intricacy. Perhaps you could attack this squirrel with impunity, who has acquired your nuts and is eating of them with great delight.

  44. Agreed, pillow-man.

  45. One assumes ELER is dead ?

  46. Hey, have you heard ESR has decided to help those poor misbegotten Iranians overthrow their government? I’ll bet the basijis are shaking in their boots!


    Surely *this* deserves a new strip?

  47. This delay is inexcusable, especially with all the good material on ESR’s blog recently.

  48. DaveK,

    Could we have a ‘fake video’ that shows ESR (accidently) firing the fatal bullet at Neda?

    Perhaps she can say, “Its only a flesh wound!”, in keeping with the MPFC references of previous strips.

  49. Microsoft GPLs drivers for linux. Apparently even they need the GPL.

  50. Hey, so, assuming that MSFT’s patches are accepted, Microsoft will have more code in the kernel than esr.

  51. Jim Thompson, unfortunately you act like a butt licking stupid doucebag! esr maybe a presumptuous inferior hacker; No one actually denies that (that he’s a loathsome egomaniac). But put that aside and think a little bit: Nedanet is a useful project (just like ip-rental). We Iranians are thankful to nedanet crew (which esr is just a part of). Stop ridiculing any goddamn thing this man does. Making any jokes that comes to your mind is not humane. This is utterly evil. You take yourself as a liberal human, but what you have done as a hacker with a heart towards humanity?! No really, I wanna know!! Iranians are being killed and tortured and denied of their rights and when people like Eric do their share of helping these people it’s not a laughable matter. Instead of helping these guys you laugh at them. Come on! I know you are not such an asshole.

  52. “Iranians are being killed and tortured and denied of
    their rights”

    So you say. Afghans and Iraqis definitely are being killed and tortured
    and denied of their rights, with Eric S. Raymond’s full approval.
    Get the point?

  53. So you say. Afghans and Iraqis definitely are being killed and tortured
    and denied of their rights, with Eric S. Raymond’s full approval.
    Get the point?

    Ofcourse! Who said that I agree with him on that?! Firstly, the ongoing events about Iraq and Afganistan are not quite like what you said; at least US wiped Iraq of Saddam and cleared Afghanistan of Taliban(to a considerable degree). Secondly, the killings are not always pertained to American soldiers. you close your eyes on Wahhabis, Alqaida, Shias, etc. A lot of the bombings are muslims trying to kill each other or the American invaders. Anyhow I don’t want to completely deny the atrocities of Americans there but I think you seem to overlook the other factors. Thirdly, I never heard him approving those events, but let’s take your word as truth: I utterly disagree with him on that and it shows that he is an insensitive man about the issues of middle east and spoon-fed by FOX and the like. But the guy has a better analysis on Iran and (even it may seem as merely a self-promotion) tries to be a good human and does his share of promoting freedom and free-speech by engaging in nedanet. I mean, Come on! What’s wrong with that. I am an iranian and am using nedanet right now to post this comment!!! Let’s not ridicule him on this, if not help him.

  54. He most certainly did (and continues to) approve of those events. He’s one of the larger war-mongers on the net.

    Further, he’s in love with Sarah Palin.

    “… act like a butt licking stupid doucebag!”???? I don’t act anything like ESR, sir!

    ESR is an opportunist. Did he write nedanet? NO, he did not. Does he maintain it? No, he does not. Has he volunteered to be the public face? Yes he has.

    Can you say, “Open Source 2.0″?

    I knew you could.

  55. > Apparently even they need the GPL.

    Turns out its worse than this. Apparently, even MSFT is subject to the GPL. They were in violation prior to their release of the 20KLOC.


  56. “He’s one of the larger war-mongers on the net.”

    I totally disagree. He’s just a petty little man. The word “larger” is never justifiable!

  57. Well, now… Jim fucking Thompson (who happens to be the one kicked in the arse and thrown out of esr’s blog) keeps coming back to a dead blog and shouts like a nervous ‘tard and thinks that he’s achieved something. Keep trying, you sick fuck!

  58. Jim, you’re right. The current news coming from Raymond’s blog is the coolest in the last 10 years. He claims that Basij militia of Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon are after his ass!! What’s his evidence you may ask? A simple comment from an anonymous troll!! :) I think esr has completely lost his connection with reality. Someone should do him a favor and show him to a Freudian psychoanalyst.

  59. Hi Russ,

    Try to have a nice day, m’kay?

  60. Wow – a new strip shows up, I’m 8 months late reading it, and I’ve only missed one.

    I’m guessing the “ELER Annual 2008″ is going to be a very short book. 2009 is shaping up to be the same way.

    Anyway, I’ll check back next year.

  61. Hey Russ,



    “The market is a human invention and it is as fictional as any deity.”

  62. Goddammit!
    I want a new ELER!

  63. [...] miss Everybody loves ESR, by the way) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Microsoft’ s next web server [...]

  64. While you’re all waiting for some real humor, here’s my own attempt to fill the void…


  65. Oh, um…


    There’s no source because I made it with something other than GIMP and the latest sources available online were from 2007.

  66. Here’s another what I have called ‘Threats’




  67. New comic. Pleaaase! :-)

  68. Xyclops Software: please stop posting links to things that won’t stay accessible.

  69. ysth: please shut the fuck up unless you have something to say.

  70. Siding with ysth on this; Xyclops Software : your URLs are broken, less than a month after posting. WTF is that?

  71. http://xyclopsoft.com/unlinked/eler/

    There. I have no idea WTF happened with bayimg. *shrug*

  72. Wow, it’s almost November again. I’m starting to look forward with anticipation to this years christmas special “Highlights of the past twelve months” edition already!

  73. Thanks for the laughs, Xyclops :)

    (URLs are working fine)

  74. Cassandra: I did have something to say.

    But now I withdraw it, since it seems to have been a temporary issue with bayimg.com.

  75. I’m still waiting for the essay, “Surprised by Obscurity”…

  76. Oh god, check his blog. Apparently ‘ego is for little people’

  77. Will there be a comic concerning his recent blog post about ego?

    Also, what are some ways to outcode him? I am sort of new to programming, but it seems to me that it shouldn’t be that hard if I actually try a bit.

  78. “When I got really famous and started to hang out with people at the top of the game in computer science and other fields,”


    Oh, boy…

  79. Eagerly awaiting the 2010 strip.

  80. Bored at the relatives for the holidays? Try reading Hans Reiser’s latest letter to the courts.

    Hans feels he should be released from prison, given custody of his children and for the State of California to clone Nina (the wife he murdered), who will be raised by himself and his children.


  81. Any minute now…

  82. Never going to be back again.

    Darn it.

  83. We’re no strangers to eler
    You know the rules and so do I
    A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
    You wouldn’t get this from any other comic

    I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
    Gotta make you understand

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  84. this comic is dead, ya’ll. Give it up.

    Thankfully we have XKCD.

    It was a good series while it lasted.
    Maybe we should fork this comic series?

    We could even have duke nukem cameo.

  85. @Jim Thompson
    … …just wow men..

  86. Happy New Year, fellow ELER hangers-on!

  87. http://russnelson.com/temp/eric-shlomo-raymond.jpg

    Wow! AFAIK, this dumbass (russ nelson) is just a fanatic esr fanboy! Why is he deriding esr-hole?!

  88. Obviously the Author is dead

  89. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4013/4385979539_6a6125e4f3.jpg

    armed and dangerous 623 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA

    What are the chances that even the name of esr’s blog isn’t original?

  90. HEY! Just found out there will be another strip next week…SAVED!!111

    ps – This is a total lie. But that brief glimmer of hope was worth it though, wasn’t it?

  91. I hate you so much for that.

  92. ELER will continue tomorrow.

  93. And the IBM/TurboHercules fiasco provides no fuel??

    C’mon, t-shirt sales have GOT to be down by now…

  94. Here is the sad part for me.

    esr predicted that the comic would die.

    and it has.

  95. This truely is sad. I really liked this comic.

  96. but he is still paying for the hosting of eler. it means there may still be some chance of a new strip.

  97. “Here is the sad part for me.
    esr predicted that the comic would die.
    and it has.”

    Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

  98. don’t miss the others on trollaxor

  99. ELER lives!

  100. WOW, Dudes! look here!. ESR says he IS a world-changing figure! That guy has totally lost his mind. What a pathetic Don Quichotte!

  101. Sooo… How about another update, maybe?

  102. I’m going to hijack this thread as my blog.

    Day One.

    Checked ELER for update, as friend asked me had I seen latest post. Friend is now on a certain list. Oh yes….

    Realised that the word blog is listed as an incorrect word. This restores my faith in humanity a little….

    Then remember first comment and begin to circle the event horizon of that death by a million cuts, the door of which is unbridled hope, which opens to the long descent into soul eating despair.

    Really true.

  103. Day Two

    Who Knew?

    Screencasting is a right royal PITA to get in one take. 9! attempts later I have a few passable vids.

    Checked ELER again. I live in, what is laughingly called, hope. I think that faith is more apt here. Blind stupidity has not been ruled out.


  104. December 21, 2012 – A new ELER strip is published.

    Sometime after, millions of *nix administrators die of a shock induced heart attack, and critical infrastructure is left unmaintained. Major companies go bankrupt as their servers succumb to threats normally mitigated by vigilant admins. The economies of the United States and the European Union collapse. Major military powers blame the incident on Chinese cyberwarfare, and invade the nation. Nuclear war ensues.

  105. Day Three

    I see I have been lax in updating my glog. (Guerilla Blog. Think of Banksy in blog form. But less artistic. Maybe I should expand to other ‘sites’ comments.)

    However, this is not so important.

    What is important is how I could monetise this? Impossible! I hear you cry. Really? I don’t know, stranger things have made money. More popular services have failed to make money. Ideas on how we can make money, (by we I mean me), submit to me here using this comment section.

    You will be rewarded. If not here, then in the next life. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, then do it for the love of not being a believer in reincarnation.

  106. Day four.

    Bloody Cold. Seriously.

  107. “Swordsman” my ass.

  108. There are HUNDREDS of comments on this page that do not mention wikileaks in any way.


    Please fix, stat.

  109. Hush Julian; if they know there’s a new ELESR episode in your secret files they’ll come and kill you just on principle. Watch out; these people are Armed and Dangerous. Or at least less than completely harmless.

  110. John is now shutting down the store that sold t-shirts. Seems he’s busy with his Rails hosting biz.

    It’s now been 2 years (for sure) since the last comic.

    But hope springs eternal!

  111. Update coming any minute now… wait for it… wait for it…

  112. I’m still holding my breath. I feel a bit dizzy.

  113. Yes, it is updated frequently.

  114. You see? Updated again!

  115. So I came for the first time in many many months havining the feeling there would be a new strip.

    I was so dissaponit when I saw here and actually not even bothering with spelling, grammat or enven making sense in this post noe

  116. It’s not a comic, but you’ll get to laugh


    around 6:45, esr appears.


  117. Still dead.

  118. It’s not dead, it’s just sleeping.

  119. I just wanted to keep the dream alive a little. *sigh*.

    As much as I like xkcd it just isn’t the same.

  120. Surely something recent like Stallman’s crass comment on Job’s death could spark a strip…

  121. “Damn that flash to hell!”
    “That reminds me, Steve, didn’t you die?”
    “No, on the third day I rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures.”

  122. A bit late, but Happy New Year ELER!

  123. Seriously, does this not deserve a new ELER? According to Slashdot, ESR is “one of the finest engineers behind the open source movement and much of the software we use everyday”!!


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