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Diplomatic immunity

everybody loves eric raymond episode 27 strip

“I humorously remind Richard that he and I both have immunity as delegates, and he responds “You mean, I should have shot that guy Kramer?”. Kramer is the CompTIA representative who comes along to these things to relate an pro-software-patenting and generally anti-Free-Software viewpoint which gets Richard very steamed up. There’s a laugh, and I explain that our immunity probably doesn’t go that far. Richard goes on to say that he wouldn’t really kill anyone, but no doubt UN Security has heard this entire exchange too.” – Bruce Perens

Apologies for the Golden Palace dickheads adverts, but I thought the joke was worth it. I’m not profiting in any way from it and never plan to. Golden Palace Casino are the epitome of evil marketing. I wish there were a hell so they could burn in it.

Bathroom and arse photography by Louisa. Script help from Gianni.

Apparently inspired by ELER, Michael Erskine has created Everybody Loves LUG Radio.

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