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Web comic patents

episode 7 strip

The government appointed EU council overriding the EU parliment decision on software patents just shows that the EU is far from a real democracy. But we already knew that didn’t we.

Let’s see how long before I get an e-mail from Scott Adams’ lynchmen/lawyers. Does anybody actually find Dilbert amusing anymore?

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Actually I think this strip is concerned by the patent described in the second panel – although I’ve been a bit slow to get it :-)
Keep up the good work !

Is it me, or did Family Guy do this joke already ? If so I guess it would be a copyright issue ;)


I like your strips (though they’re not en par with megatoukyou or UF :)
and no, I never had liked Dilbert at all.

What about bringing Mr Sendmail, Kirk McKusick and Theo de Raadt
on the board sometimes? Sounds like fun to me.

//mirabile – Head Developer, MirOS Project

I am no native english speaking human and so got lost on the second panel as well.
I would like to know if those comics are done with some simililar software like the new mac application called “Comic Life” ? Is it available for PC now, too ? And where to get it ?

And I somehow enjoy those strips as well, yes ;D

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