An actual woman

episode 6 strip

In case you’ve not been paying attention, those are pretty much actual quotes from Eric Raymond and Richard Stallman regarding this very comic strip.

A new geek celebrity comment, from Linux kernel coder Dave Jones over at Red Hat:

“One of the funniest things I’ve read in quite a while … It caused much hilarity at the Red Hat office last week”

Site news: I’ve licensed the ELER strips under a Creative Commons license. It doesn’t include commercial use, but if you’re a commercial entity related to free software I’ll likely make an exception for you if you want to syndicate it or something so mail me. I’ll make some gimp files available soon too.

7 replies on “An actual woman”

Interesting concept! This particular strip is a favorite of mine. However, I’d have you know that Eric wouldn’t be caught dead in a shirt as tacky as the one in the strip. :-)

Hi Cathy. Glad you like it. It was a pleasure cutting you out. And yeah, that shirt is rather eyebreaking. It was one I actually used to wear but my girlfriend has now forbade it. The guy who is Eric’s stand-in body quite likes it actually.

Has it occured to you that ESRs wife looks pretty damn scary?

Definitely not someone you’d like to screw with.


Eric seems to think I look like somebody not-to-be-screwed with too; I appear to be the only one who disagrees on that score. :-)

[…] danh sent me a link to one of these comic strips, you know, everybody loves eric raymond starring eric raymond, linus torvalds, and my favourite rms. it’s prety funny, but robojoe cannot stop laughing at it. when we were looking at this one, robojoe kept reading lines and then laughing manically. not even laughing, more like giggling like a little kid. thank danh for drudging up the super nerd in robojoe, it’s all we needed. […]

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