Nokia patents pending

episode 4 strip

No answer from Linus yet. Either he hates it or he’s the only one actually doing any work. I did notice some visits from the firewall though. I also noticed some visitors from hi there.

Thanks to Dave Jones for throwing a crapload of visitors my way.

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Yes, RMS may (perhaps wisely) avoid the mobile phone, but COMEDY RMS has the biggest damn phone of all.

Ya Gotta love the big fella. ESR too. There all interesting characters in there own right :)

Given the timing of comments on this page, I feel that now is the appropriate time to express my opinion that the previous post was hilarFREE KEVIN!!!

Oh, I guess I kind of used the same joke there, didn’t I? To make up for it, I will also make the bold prediction that someone else will reply here within 3 days. I will check back in 5 years to see if I was right.

PS: Britney Spears

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