Hyper Threading

episode 3 strip

I’ve had feedback from Eric Raymond now!.

“Very bizarre. I can’t imagine how you’ll get enough yuks out of
the premise to sustain an entire strip.”

I guess Eric doesn’t read his own blog. There is enough material there in itself to keep me going until my Linux uptime counter wraps around again.

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Ben, you see a lot of socks with sandals both at Berkeley (home of BSD) and in the old days at Bell Labs (where
many the folks who gave you Linux all wore this amazing getup consisting of a long beard, shorts, suspenders,
white socks and sandals, though some skipped the socks). It was the favored costume of 70s/80s software

actually, socks and sandals are quite useful when you want to easily switch between warm wear and cold wear. that’s one of the main reasons I use them (also, they are good for mildly cold weather)

plus, your feet are way less hot and smelly than in shoes; thus more comfortable. relaxed. but especially, suit-incompatible (pyjamas for overgrown boys). go geeks. go at the Openly-Shallow source commoditisers (conscienceless profiteers). go gnu.

Well, I don’t know what the British attitude to socks-with-sandals is, not having met any self-described Britons, but during my time in England I have run into some who indulge, including most memorably a housemate (Cambridge PhD) who wore one green and one red sock with his sandals; claimed it was to help him tell port from starboard. It didn’t do much for his geek exertions; attempting to get Linux running on his Toshiba laptop provoked screaming rages and not a little property destruction. But it’s OK, he found sheltered employment at the State broadcaster.

If the Guardian is to be believed the first to wear this less-than-sightly combination on English soil were, apparently, the ancestors of the fashionable Italians. Maybe it’s an idea that should have gone out with the Romans:,,1488287,00.html

Wearing socks with your sandals is very geeky. If that’s the look you like and want, way to go!
If you want that extra geeky look, be sure to pull your socks way up to your knees.
For those of you who don’t think socks with sandals is geeky….it’s because you’re in geek denial.

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