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Lug Radio Live 2006

everybody loves eric raymond episode 53 strip

This is just a couple of slides from my rather confused and wandering talk about ELER at Lug Radio Live 2006. The full slides are available here in format and exported html.

I had a great weekend at LRL2006 (some photos here) and met some cool people (and a nutcase who thinks the Sony Playstation 3 is going to become self-aware and destory all humans) (seriously). It was fun to meet some of the people who work on the software I use, such as Matthew Garrett and Bastien Nocera. Everyone was everyone else’s fanboy. As Louisa said, it was like an open source bukkake party.

Big thanks to Gareth Bowker and Shane Coughlan of FSF Europe for helping out with our T-shirts.

Knuth is my homeboy tshirtUPDATE: The new “Knuth is my homeboy” shirts and the extra ELER sizes have arrived! Be the envy of the tiny minority of your friends who know who Donald Knuth is: T-shirts at the ELER Shop.

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enjoyed your talk at LRL… embarrassingly I had heard of this comic – so after LRL I got straight to reading them all.

[…] Headed to the venue so John could prepare for his talk which started at 11. Come 10.50am, there was NO ONE (pretty much) knocking around – everyone too hung over to make it in early. Still, by the time John got started, there was a pretty good crowd in his room and by the time I looked around the room when it came to the questions section, I reckon there were about 60 people or so in there. The talk itself went pretty well – we realised that it’s a pretty hard thing to talk about since, well, it’s just a web comic but a few funny pictures of half naked geeks always goes down well. The slides from his talk are available on the ELER website but I don’t know if the video will be uploaded to the LUGRadio site since the audio didn’t record. […]

It should say: Published at the very last minute, just when everybody is about to give up on it! :-)

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