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Bruce Schneier Facts

everybody loves eric raymond episode 54 strip

More Bruce Schneier facts can be found on the Bruce Schneier Facts Database. Submit your own!

Knuth is my homeboy tshirtFamous security dude Blue Boar (Ryan Russell) took a Knuth T-shirt to DefCon this year. Proof, if you needed any, that computer science can still get you laid.

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Thank goodness that ELER is still alive!

even though its sort of a call in strip…

still everyone has thier own lives…

Enough with the stupid Chuck Norris jokes already! :-( I’m still waiting for a _real_ ELER strip!

[…] Schneier Facts Database Bruce Schneier Facts Database, along the line of Chuch Norris Facts. For example, “Bruce Schneier eats 0s and 1s forbreakfast. And snacks on pi.” Being a Schneier fan myself, it is very funny indeed. Via ELER. Tagged in Humour, Quickies, Security | 11:30 am […]

[…] Bruce Schneier, like Chuck Norris, now has his own dedicated facts database. Here are a couple little-known facts about Bruce Schneier: Bruce Schneier’s secure handshake is so strong, you won’t be able to exchange keys with anyone else for days and also Bruce Schneier doesn’t need to hide data with steganography – data hides from Bruce Schneier. So anyway, check out the facts, and also check out the latest Everybody Loves Eric Raymond which covers some more interesting Schneier facts (actually, check out the earlier ELER strips as well, they are pretty funny). Stolen from ELER […]

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