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Hangcheck: hangcheck value past margin

everybody loves eric raymond episode 68 strip

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It’s the Liar Paradox in joke form… it’s funny because he said it wasn’t funny. But if he had said it *was* funny, it would have been stupid.

I like it. :)

Thanks a lot – it was quite hard to wait for such a long time :-(
Can you explain again how we could help you making a new strip?

some ideas:
1) something GPL3;
2) even better: something about the invitation of linus by sun/schwartz and the together cooking;

Surely a scheduler debate comic. ESR must support a scheduler that prioritises whoever he is shilling for today.

It’s the third frame that makes the punchline work. The timing is just perfect. It’s still cracking me up.

The next comic should be,
er: “Is there a new strip yet?”
rms: “Hold on, let me check!”

rms: “No.”

No it doesn’t. SCO .v Novell was a blip.

The next ELER has to be about the update to “Sex Tips for Geeks” and a new essay titled, “Surprised by irrelevance.”

ESR turns 50 on Dec 4.
Balmer turned 50 last year.
Gates turned 50 in October of 2005
McNeally turned 50 in 2004

Linus turns 38 on Dec 28.
Alan Cox turns 40 next year.

I expected a strip about Con Colinas slamming the door on kernel because his worldview was distorted by the cheerleading squad. It was so juicy, a perfect opportunity to accentuate the shallow.

How something about this :
Microsoft Axes ‘Get The Facts’
tom66 writes “Seems like a long time coming, as Microsoft today has axed it’s Anti-Linux campaign ‘Get the Facts’, and Microsoft has replaced it with a new campaign, called ‘compare’. This article touches up on why they may have done it, and the criticism surrounding Get the Facts.”
Read more of this story at Slashdot.

It won’t be too much long until you need to re-post this episode :-). Maybe you can swap the heads just to show it’s new.

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