April 16th, 2006

everybody loves eric raymond episode 44 strip

If I don’t get my arse into gear soon I’ll have to change “Published almost once a week on average” to something like “Published once perhaps in any given month sometimes”.

Bruce Schneier with guns for some reason

Bruce Schneier Facts

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  1. The idea reminds me of that Star Trek TNG episode where the hologram Dr. Moriarty is tricked into living inside a virtual holographic universe. This strip is almost exactly the same, though tricking Raymond would probably be easier than tricking Moriarty…

  2. Very funny, though i think Linus looks a bit like Pan Gu (Creator of the world who holds the cosmic egg in his hands in Chinese mythology). Don’t get the coon on his shirt though…

  3. Don’t get the shirt?

    Step One: http://chin.lugradio.org/
    Step Two: http://lugradio.org (listen to all episodes)
    Step Three: ???
    Step Four: Profit ?

  4. Hmm, Racoon… Minix?

  5. The mighty chinny racoon! Awesome.

    Oh, and the strip was funny too :)

  6. “For an extra fee, I can wear your t-shirt for a day”
    Good one, Elvis =)

  7. “So what _you are_ going to do with it?”

    What the fuck?

  8. Excellent, one of the best ones so far! :]

  9. *laughs at how the background is also b&w*

  10. LOL, background is B&W, even Bruce is B&W! How does Linux know he is not the one stuck in a virtual world? Ha ha!

    Good strip, one of my faves. “Aww, look at him blogging!” ROFL! Priceless.

  11. Ya know, if Linus would hold the globe a bit lower, we could have a “Brokeback” moment… or unintentional p0rn.

  12. I didn’t catch the ‘reference’ to “black and white, good and evil” at first until I followed the link to Eric’s blog. Then it made me laugh so hard. It’s been a while since I read it.

    Eric is a decent coder and has his heart in the right place when it comes to software freedoms, but I wish he would refrain from trying to be authoritative (or “shoot off his mouth”) on subjects that lie in a different field as well as generalize the people that support Free Software. (eg, the “tribe” comments, or the assumption that we all must be libertanian freedom fighters)

  13. This strip is awesome, it’s so awesoem it makes me kick my mum right in the face.

    Now, for something completely serious.

    I am still waiting for someone to write the Spanish Inquisition sketch for this comic strip with some thing like.. “Nobody expects the creeping featurism” or something like that. However, seeing this strip has made me wiser in the fields of OSS, and regarding to the apparent(?) egos of the OSS hackers. Also, being Finnish, seeing the comment that L.Torvalds made regarding the TiVO strip, i fear the with Mr.Torvalds living in america, his ego is getting far too big, or he’s forgotten to have a sense of humour.

    But still, i love reading this strip, and IMHO, it might be a good idea for contributing artists to publish their strips on thsi site as well, if not regularry, then by tuesdays or thursdays maybe….at least the site would get updated more often, although there won’t(?) be quality control.

    let me get to my bunker before the chairs start flying

    ok go.

  14. I wonder why Eric hasn’t mentioned this comic in his blog?

  15. Eric a decent coder?! What the heck? He has produced nothing worth noting, he didn’t even make fetchmail, he just added a little bit to it and it’s a terrible program anyway.

    And has his heart in the right place? He’s a racist biggot, not surprising though when you take a good look at him. He’s written stuff about black people people stupid and violent, written about how Islam is evil and is a neo-pagan, it’s a well known fact that many neo-nazis and fascists are neo-pagans.

    And he certainly doen’t have his heart in the right place in regards to software freedom, he was saying that Fedora Core needed to include proprietary software, propritetary codecs and flash and other stuff.

  16. ESR will be 50 next year. He’s becoming an old man, brittle in his thinking, and set in his ways. You can read his desire to “have things as they were” between the lines of his blog.

    ERic’s weblog is really a chronicle of his dotage.

    “Those who can, do. Those who can’t talk a lot.”

    ESR isn’t the only racist bigot in the “open source” world. Russ Nelson documented his inner feelings too well one day, and ended up “stepping down” from his position as President of OSI.

  17. “And he certainly doen’t have his heart in the right place in regards to software freedom, he was saying that Fedora Core needed to include proprietary software, propritetary codecs and flash and other stuff.”

    Actually, he’s just being consistant. He doesn’t believe in “software freedom”, his position is and always has been that cooperatively developed software adhering to open standards, “Open Source”, is more efficient than closed, proprietary “Closed Source” style development. It works better, it is better, that’s why it will win in the long run.

    It’s easy to disagree, but at least give the man points for being consistant. I don’t completely agree with RMS either, that doesn’t make him evil.

  18. this looks likes someone was getting really turned on by sticking things up his a**hole, but whatever floats your boat

  19. Oi! Young Jim Thompson.

    I’m 50 already and I’m certainly not “set in my ways” or ” brittle in my thinking”. You’re being guilty of the thoughtless generalisation that ESR is so fond of.

  20. phil, I think Jim was saying ESR was old, brittle and set. He wasn’t saying every 50 year old guy is brittle and set.

    bob, serial killers are consistent. you gonna give them credit? consistency doesn’t buy you nothing if what yer doing or saying is stupid, says I.

  21. “consistency doesn’t buy you nothing” -> that’s a double negative you know?

  22. Shawn, if someone is consistent, then all you need do is logically demonstrate how they are wrong. It’s only “pragmatists” who change their stripes to fit the latest fad who are impossible to argue with on an issue.

    “serial killers are consistent” indeed. Giving them credit for being consistent is why they themselves are imprisoned or killed. If it weren’t for consistency, no rational judgement could ever be leveled upon another person.

  23. Jim, are you still libelling me? There are laws against that, you know.

  24. If you want to attempt to sue me for libel, go ahead, but when you post things like this, you make it far too easy to defend myself.

    Phil, not all 50 year-olds are brittle, some of them are quite soft and squishy. :-)

  25. “[ESR has] written about how Islam is evil and is a neo-pagan, it’s a well known fact that many neo-nazis and fascists are neo-pagans.”

    By slandering pagans you are acting no better than he is.

  26. [...] I am pleased to see the masterful John Leach has included the mighty Chinny Raccoon on Linus’ t-shirt on the latest Everybody Loves Eric Raymond strip. Now, I know some of you may not quite get all this chin business, and particularly why a raccoon has a big chin, so I figured I should explain. [...]

  27. Decades of psychometric studies and crime statistics more than amply support ESRs remarks on the matter.

    Accusing someone of being a racist, merely for referring that to which the preponderance of evidence points, reveals the accuser to be a coward and a mental defective, unable to stomach and deal with facts they find unpalatable.

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