May 2011

The shop has been finally put to rest. We're leaving the site up for posterity, but you can't buy anything any more. Thanks for all your support over the years!

December 2010

Stock dwindling so removed sold out products from the shop. The Knuth shirts are completely sold out now - the last four shirts went to Donald Knuth himself - he wants his family to be his homeboys too ;)

Will probably not accept any more orders after 31/12/2010. It's been a fun ride but it's time to move on.

July 2010

After umming and ahhing about it for ages, we've finally decided to close the shop.

We're too busy with our day jobs to give it the time and attention it deserves - no new designs in three years is just disgraceful - so we've decided to call it a day.

We've still got some stock - a very limited amount of Schneier shirts but a fuller range of Knuth, Stallman ones & ELER ones; and some Schneier & Stallman stickers. We won't be ordering any more stock though so once they're gone, they're gone - and we've reduced the prices of shirts a bit to help them go.

It's a shame that it is coming to an end and we are looking into ways to possibly keep the designs alive - I'll update this page with the details if they come to anything.

If you've got any questions/comments etc about this, please get in touch - shop @ geekz dot co dot uk

15th December 2009

Sorry for dropping off the radar for a while re: news updates.

The state of play now:

11th June 2009

We're out of XL Bruce Schneier shirts too now. Still haven't moved house (my mortgage/estate agent/bank rant is reaching epic proportions now) so we're still reluctant to restock. We *should* be moved in a few weeks though so we *should* be able to restock over the summer. Again, email if you want notification when we do get everything back in stock.

14th May 2009

Bruce Schneier shirts in Large size are currently out of stock. As with the Knuth Mediums below, I don't know when we'll be ordering a new batch from the printers but hopefully we'll be moving in a few weeks now (*insert rant about mortgages and estate agents here*) so we should be able to order some more shirts soon - just can't say when exactly. Email if you want to be notified when we get them back in stock.

2nd March 2009

Knuth shirts in Medium size are currently out of stock. Don't know when we'll be ordering a new batch from the printers (moving house soon, want to avoid carrying extra boxes ;) ) but email if you want to be notified when we get them back in stock.

5th January 2009

John was lying about the lack of shirt sales thing in the first-in-a-year ELER comic strip - but there was a bit of a delay sending them out over Christmas due to Louisa (chief shirt packer/deputy teamaker) having time off and the Post Office being closed. All orders over Christmas/New Year are in the post now.

Oh, and we've had a few queries asking if we're going to expand the range since our designs have been static for chuffing ages now. We'd love to get more stuff for sale as we've got lots of ideas but it's a problem with time and space problem - in that we don't have enough of either of them at the moment. John's busy running his wonderful Rails hosting company Brightbox and our current stock is taking up so much space in our tiny office that Louisa doesn't even have room for a proper desk. Maybe we'll get ourselves better organised at some point though.

14th November 2008

A quick FYI: we've had a rush of orders thanks to that picture below. If you ordered before 4pm GMT yesterday, your shirt went in the post yesterday (first class/airmail as appropriate) and orders after 4pm GMT yesterday will go in the post on Monday (am busy with other stuff today I'm afraid). Airmail to the US takes 5-7 days apparently then all the geek kudos shall be yours. ;)

12th November 2008

We got sent a link to this fabulous photo at the weekend - Knuth throwing all kinds of homeboy hand signs at the Knuth-is-my-homeboy tshirt. Teehee. (The wearer of the tshirt is Jacob Appelbaum who, funnily enough, took the original photo that we used in the shirt.) Way cool. :)

16th September 2008

All sizes of Schneier shirts are now back in stock - hurrah! All outstanding orders will be sent out today.

19th August 2008

We're out of Large Schneier shirts as well now so are trying to get so more of all sizes reprinted. Not sure when they'll be with us yet though - suspect it'll probably be a month. Please email if you'd like notification if/when they in stock again.

13th August 2008

We're out of Medium size Schneier shirts. Don't know if we'll be ordering a new batch from the printers but email if you want to be notified if/when we get them back in stock.

8th July 2008

Oopsy, forgot to say we got a reprint of the Knuth shirts done a couple of months ago so they're back in stock now. Still out of Schneier W12 size though.

LugRadio Live 2008: We're not having a stall at LRL this year - the last two years have been great but we're not having one this year since we haven't got any new designs or anything fun to showcase. We'll still be there though :)

10th February 2008

We're out of Small size Knuth shirts. Don't know when we'll be ordering a new batch from the printers as we've got healthy stocks of the other sizes but email if you want a message when they're back in stock.

31st January 2008

All Che Stallman sizes are now back in stock - Small, Mediums, Women's sizes, everything. Woo.

2nd December 2007

If you're looking to buy the geek in your life a wonderfully geeky tshirt in time for Christmas, here are the final ordering dates for this year:

These are the Royal Mail last posting dates with a couple of days processing time added in for us to pack up the shirt/stickers etc. Unfortunately we can't really guarantee these dates - they're just recommended by Royal Mail - but we'll do our best to make sure your items are in the post in time, with the rest just up to our/your postal services.

6th November 2007

We're out of Women's size 12 Schneier shirts - probably not back in stock until at least the new year. Email if you'd like notification when they in stock again.

25th July 2007

Louisa did her re-ordering maths wrong and we've sold out of the "small" size of the Che Stallman design already. Probably won't have any more in stock until the new year - email if you want a message when they're back in stock.

13th July 2007

After a longer than anticipated turnaround from the printers, all the shirt sizes are finally back in stock. We'll be getting back orders out in the next couple of days.

8th May 2007

The largest size (XXXL) Knuth & Schneier, and the Women's size 12 Schneier shirts have sold out. It'll probably be a couple of months before we order any more from the printers. Email us at if you want to get a message when they're back in stock.

1st May 2007

The new shirts and stickers arrived as planned. All orders for these placed in March/April have now been sent out.

20th April 2007

The Schneier and Stallman t-shirt designs have been delayed by our printers. They assure us we'll have them by the 25th of April. We'll be sending them out as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience!

18th April 2007

The stickers arrived with us and all sticker-only orders have been posted out.

26 March 2007

Two new t-shirt designs added. Bruce Schneier and Che Stallman. Stickers too!

These are on pre-order and will take a bit longer to be shipped out than usual. Order now to guarantee stock, but please be patient waiting for delivery.

23 March 2007

New shop website goes live!

Delivery costs have risen in-line with Royal Mail, but now we've added a budget worldwide surface mail option if your delivery isn't urgent.

21 December 2006

We're still alive. All shirts ordered in the last few weeks have been sent out. New design coming in the new year too.

23 October 2006

We've ordered more of ALL sizes for both shirts - including women's fitted tees. Order now and we'll send them out as soon as they arrive with us: should be with us in a couple of weeks.

15 September 2006

If you ordered a shirt before 9th September, you should either have it or it's on the way to you. Enjoy!

22 August 2006

Postage prices increase for 'Rest of World' in line with Royal Mail's price restructuring. Pre-orders will be honoured at price at time of order.

21 August 2006

Knuth shirts now available in Women's fitted UK sizes 12 and 14. Expected in stock in 2 weeks.

21 August 2006

ELER sizes XXXL, M and S sold out.

20 August 2006

Knuth shirts out of stock due to sudden massive increase in demand. Orders will be sent out when new stock arrives in about 2 weeks.

20 July 2006

Shirts arrived. Pre-orders being sent out first.

12 July 2006

Post and packing costs reduced.

12 July 2006

New Knuth design available for pre-order. Shirts will be ready to send out by 26th July.

11 July 2006

New ELER "except me" stock ordered, should arrive with us by 26th July.