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Moral compassed

pre episode 20 filler

This is not episode 020, this is just some filler. I’m off to the LinuxWorld conference in London tomorrow and Thursday, so even though I should finish this weeks strip I might have trouble getting it uploaded. I’m hoping the conference will have Internet access or I’ll have to find an open wireless network or something. If anyone wants to meet up, drop me an e-mail (same problem though). I’ll be the tall ugly guy in the t-shirt (probably).

UPDATE: I’m back from LinuxWorld. Tbh it kinda sucked. I skipped the second day and went to the Natural History Museum instead. I did get both Alan Cox and Mark Shuttleworth to pose for ELER strips though. In an amazing stroke of luck, the conference room walls were bright chroma-key blue, which will make cutting out very easy. I didn’t know what Mark Shuttleworth looked like and had to have a random Ubuntu goon point him out for me. I was looking for a guy in a spacesuit. I’m going to try and make it to Euro OSCON in Amsterdam to pester more geek ‘celebrities’.