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episode 15 strip

That promise about doing better with ELER? Yeah, well. Doesn’t all this stuff just bore you to tears? Go do some coding or something.

I’m on holiday next week so you’ll probably miss another strip, but you should be used to that by now.

Hey, also, feel free to join #newworldodour on Quakenet and say hi.

UPDATE: No new ELER this week, I’m on holiday. This message is brought to you from an Internet cafe in Moscow. I can’t speak Russian but I’m having a go. For most nouns, it’s just like a substitution cipher. Once you substitute all the right letters, it looks just like the English but spelt phonetically.

I wonder if someone could arrange so that when Linus dies, we can put his body on display in an underground bunker in Finland. Geeks from around the world would queue for hours to see his clever little corpse. Maybe you could buy a souvenir cast of his brain.