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Bruce Perens Dead

episode 18 strip

I was going to have Richard phoning 555-2368 in the last pane but I was informed this was way too obscure a reference.

No body photos from anybody yet. Ghost Bruce Perens was planned whether I had bodies or not, so that’s ok.

ELER t-shirts are in the pipeline. They’ll be black, with big cartoony text that will read “EVERYBODY LOVES ERIC RAYMOND” on the front with “(except me)” in smaller text underneath. They’ll probably cost around £10 or so, and I’ll donate some money from each to the FSF. That’s about 15 Euros, and about 827 dollars. If you’d be interested please drop me a quick line at with what size you’d go for. Don’t send me credit card numbers or scanned-in money just yet, nothing is guaranteed. Just testing the water.