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Web cast

everybody loves eric raymond episode 21 strip

I missed EuroOSCon. I have enough advertising in my life right now so that’s ok.

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Thanks…I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. My laptop is now covered with the adult beverage I was enjoying while reading!

Ah, Eric Raymond; always an inspiration. I’ll have to remember that on my next gig (speaking of which, anyone need an editor for their web log?)

Hey, just dropped in to say I love these comics. Because I can share them with so few folks, I had an idle thought the other night. Someone should make ELER the departure point for a glossy coffee-table book, “100 geek jokes and how to get them”. Just in time for Christmas.

Hi there, just heard on lugradio.
I checked all the other strips and this one is the best!
2nd for me was any which had eric pissed off ….”watch your step…. hahaha”

Hmm, you misspelled “Grauniad”, ironically.

And yes, I checked I was spelling “misspelled” correctly. Twice.

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