So I married a Kernel Programmer

everybody loves eric raymond episode 57 strip

Hans Reiser has not been termed a suspect in his wife’s disappearance

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  1. Hilarious. Ignore the people who say it isn’t funny. It may not be funny to them, but there’s no accounting for taste. If the guy didn’t do it, no harm done, it’s a joke. If he did, and so far it sure looks like he did, then well, I guess I don’t want to talk about that except to say I’m glad that I already use XFS :P

  2. Bad taste is OK. I can deal with bad taste.

    Making fun of egotistical people having petty rows, etc. is fine and all, but this is a really real thing where someone has potentially suffered a deeply unpleasant violent death, children potentially having to grow up with no mother and alledgedly a murderer for a father.

    I look forward to a(n hillarious) future strip featuring John Leach cracking jokes at the funeral of his mother who has been killed in a car crash. w00t! I’m laughing my ass off already.

    “Bruce Schneier Facts” – that was fucking funny!

    This, however, is just off.

  3. Bitter divorce with her getting custody.
    Last seen at his house.
    Her blood in his house.
    Her blood in his car.
    The passenger seat of the car with her blood in it missing.

  4. Man, this is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Even if he hadn’t got caught up in the mess he is in, this is perfect.

    To paraphrase Hans:
    “Just because you aren’t smart enough to understand why this isn’t over the edge, that doesn’t mean it is over the edge. Leave edginess to the people who understand it, not a bunch of schmucks who knew edginess when it started but now are holding it back.”


  5. What’s next? Hans is getting a lethal injection from Novell? Eric, come on, I know, your Brain can bring it, all the Kids here will more ROTFLAHMS!

  6. I must say it is refreshing to get away from the “Innocent until proven guilty” crowd who won’t consider guilt until he’s caught on video doing it with a butcher knife.

    It appears to me like he’s probably guilty as sin.

    I’ve heard no “I didn’t do it!” or “I’ve been framed!” out of the Hans Reiser camp, though the bloody sleeping bag, the blood in his car, the missing car seat, and murder investigation books all seem to suggest either extreme stupidity or a frame-up.

    What I see is classic Hans Reiser arrogance and overconfidence. He and his lawyer are basically saying “You can’t prove a thing!”

    I guess, to a great extent, it hinges on whether anyone can figure out what Hans did with the body.

  7. According to Russ Nelson, ESR was done with sword camp by Aug 12.

    Sword Camp was put on by Aegis Consulting, August 6th – August 12th in Michigan.

    But yes, esr did go to the West coast after sword camp to attend
    Linux World, followed by the World Science Fiction Convention.

    Linux World was August 14-17 in San Francisco, CA

    World Science Fiction Convention was August 23-27, 2006, in Aneheim, CA.

    After WSFC, Eric went to meet/get in bed with Linspire. Likely in San Diego.

    Linspire annunced that CNR was free (as in beer) on August 30.

    Nina didn’t go missing until September 3rd (Oakland), seven days after WSFC.

    But we don’t know how long esr stayed in San Diego, extracting tribute from Michael Robinson.

  8. “I’ll take McCusick over Linus any day, and I don’t think he ever strangled a chick just to watch her cry.”

    That’s cuz McCusick is fucking gay. He doesn’t do chicks.

  9. And I’d like to point out to the wankers, that when somebody makes a funny, it’s still called COMEDY. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant.

  10. By this, I mean that this was completely hilarious. Brilliantly done, even if it was in poor taste. Poor taste is what ELER does best, and that’s why we’re here! :-)

  11. hahahahahaha.

    There’s nothing funny about murder. Except when it’s committed by a Linux kernel programmer. Or a clown.

  12. This was funny.

    Why all the thin skins? We all enjoy Darwin awards. Those were people too, but is there anyone in this list who hasn’t laughed at those?

  13. Oh, man. This is awful! This is totally sick!

    Luckily, the humor totally redeems it.

    Maybe an alternative ending would make it more palatable to the squeamish.

    Suggestion for the last panel: The Aristocrats!

  14. Re the comparison to Mothers Against Maddox:

    I think I missed the part where any of the comments here suggested ELER be forcibly removed from the Internet. Or even actually asked that this particular strip be taken down.

  15. Not really sure what to say about this one… It is pretty funny, but you’ve got to feel sorry for the guy (unless it turns out that he DID do it…)

    BTW lye, lime, whatever. Any strong base should do the trick :)

  16. I call Shenanigans.
    There’s a doins’ a transpirin’ here!

    ESR goes to ninja sword camp and disappears…
    Reiser’s wife disappears..
    ELER’s updates stop…

    all of this around the same time.. hmmm

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