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Orifice Open

everybody loves eric raymond episode 63 strip

I had to scrap the first strip because I’d confused Office Open with Open Office when writing it. Who’d have guessed people could make that kind of mistake. Not Microsoft, surely.

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Zen koan time:

How many standards does $40B buy?

What is the sound of one shill blogging?

Which is cheaper to buy, the ISO or IOC?

The one on the right is Linus Torvalds. The shirt has the face of Miguel de Icaza, one of the founders of Ximian and the GNOME project.

This one isn’t nearly crude enough and it was published a mere 11 days after the previous. Standards around here are really falling!

With a name like this, I really expected this strip to have another goddamn goatse reference… thanks, John, for never doing *that* again.

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