Microsoft Censorship

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This (and last) week’s ELER brought to you with the beta power of the upcoming 2.4 version of The Gimp. The Lanczos interpolation and the new resizable selection tool are wonderful.

UPDATE: Go read the complete story of the Vienna conclusions over at Groklaw. Microsoft have become Free Software deniers. Though they deny their denials.

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  • FSF europe: The Vienna Conclusion: Sponsorship+Politics=Influence
  • FSF europe: The next Vienna Conclusion: So it WAS Microsoft that asked to delete Free Software
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13 Replies to “Microsoft Censorship”

  1. I like the comment about the Vienna Conclusions being a “living document”. Wow. Just think of the possibilities… They can continue to revise it in response to political pressure or financial incnetives. Why properly managed, they could turn this into an onging revenue stream.

    So you a mandate for compulsory DRM in all electronic devices? No problem sir. Want a reference to support research shoing that creativity is only possible in a corporate envirment? That can be arranged. A unanimous call for free software to be outlawed worldwide? Wel, that wasn’t actually discussed, but that needn’t be a problem – that’s what living documents are about. Histroy rewritten while-you-wait and all for our low low prices.

    The Vienna Conclusions – the finest veneer of respectability money can buy; never knowingly undersold.

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