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December 28th, 2005

everybody loves eric raymond episode 32 strip

I have braved the snow and the wind and the cold to bring you this strip. I also braved a nice bowl of soup and some biscuits too. My bravery knows no bounds, as doesn’t my application of grammar.

Bruce Schneier with guns for some reason

Bruce Schneier Facts

A few things you probably didn't know about Bruce Schneier. The Bruce Schneier Facts Database.

Knuth is my Homeboy t-shirts

Knuth is my homeboy T-shirts

Available at the ELER Shop. Be the envy of the tiny minority of your friends who know who Donald Knuth is.


  1. Yay! More fun with our friendly fat-faced open-source advocates

  2. [...] If you aren’t subscribed to ELER you’re missing some of the most amusing bits of Open Source related comedy around. Today’s strip is easily one of my favorites. [...]

  3. I would be curious how Rick Moen assisted in the creation of the shirts, myself being one of the original Rick Moen developers and one of the early propagators of the old “Rick Moen will be there; will you?” catchphrase from the late-90s LUG scene.

    For early reminiscences of Rick moen development, see

  4. I remember seeing a similar sketch in a column in Personal Computer World years ago. It ended up with “Well in my day we had to carve our programs in stone, drag them oop Salisbury plain, and wait ’till t’ solstice for t’ result”. Funny stuff.

  5. Hehehe, I like this one! =)

  6. what is the proper way to read a comic strip? left to right or top to bottom?

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  8. [...] The most recent Everybody loves Eric Raymond comic is hysterically funny today. “We used to dream about having a kernel”. Indeed. [...]

  9. [...] Open source hacker humor revisits an old classic. Not even looking for mass appeal… [...]

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