gmail: behind the scenes deleted scenes

“Google is running a unique viral video campaign aimed at creative GMail users that want to help put together a behind-the-scenes look at how a message gets to and from a GMail account. Just download the red envelope, come up with a creative idea, shoot it and upload it by August 13th.”


“throughout our research we have found numerous deficiencies and hostilities in Google’s approach to privacy that go well beyond those of other organizations. While a number of companies share some of these negative elements, none comes close to achieving status as an endemic threat to privacy.”

- Privacy International

Bruce Schneier with guns for some reason

Bruce Schneier Facts

A few things you probably didn't know about Bruce Schneier. The Bruce Schneier Facts Database.

Knuth is my Homeboy t-shirts

Knuth is my homeboy T-shirts

Available at the ELER Shop. Be the envy of the tiny minority of your friends who know who Donald Knuth is.


  1. that was quick!

  2. Heheh, like it :)

  3. Why is the gmail video hosted on youtube?

  4. Google owns both. And youtube is google’s most popular video service.

  5. Hehe definitely a point that never spills into marketing/advertising.

    keep up the shorter delays between ELER strips!

  6. I don’t get this… where’s the punchline?

  7. @Antonimus: apart from the first and last frame, it’s punchlines all the way.

  8. I don’t believe it! New ELER comic!?

  9. Haha, I like the glass orb at the NSA. ROFL..

  10. Where is Stallman?

    Oh… what the heck: keep it coming guys!

  11. @Philip: I still don’t get it. Can someone explain this to me, please?

  12. LOL. This is one of the best. Keep em coming.

  13. Antonimus: the idea is that of the four above panels, the first and last include actual frames from the video, and the second and third are frames that should be in the video, but aren’t, because Google would prefer not to talk about a) the way they scan everyone’s mail in order to more precisely advertise to them, and b) how your mail is vulnerable to US government surveillance.

    It’s a little subtle.

  14. people are getting more creative than i thought …
    good one here …
    keep ‘em coming …

  15. hey you’d asked earlier for some shots of richard stallman… here’s one from picasa with that meng guy:

    he looks a bit… (un-richard-ish)

  16. Haha. Looks like the NSA guy picked up his monitor while he was hanging out at AT&T listening to the phone calls.

  17. It might help to post a usable URL. The link should start with but Google gave me this one when I clicked the “Share Photo” button.

  18. News about Raymond and Microsoft Open-Source Licences !

    Would be great to have a new comic for this ;-)

  19. [Warning OOT] Btw Mr. Raymond has a new post at the OSI Board Weblog:


    Pull quotes:
    On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 12:35:14PM -0800, John Mark Walker wrote:
    > On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Michael Jennings wrote:
    > > I don’t think I’ve really respected ESR since I had to help him
    > > connect his VA laptop to the VA network for a VA board meeting.
    > You and me both. I was shocked at how little he understood in terms of
    > networking. Couldn’t do the most basic ‘route’ and ‘ifconfig’ commands
    > to save his life.

    I had to make his fetchmail work with his sendmail on his laptop



    If you carefully examine the intercal package (which was not
    available for a month depsite emails about it being a 404), you will discover that . is in ESR’s PATH.

  21. [...] ELER [...]

  22. Superb.

  23. i am your biggest fan ever. i love you raymond. from omadai mahadeo. i am living in guyana that is my country. my e-mail address is please e-mail me sometimes that will be nice of you. i am 12 year old.i live at 46 indusyry crown dam.

  24. Great work! I can’t wait for the next one!

  25. Damn, I wouldn’t mind those marketing chicks, uh, reading my e-mail.

  26. I am a pretty pink unicron.

  27. I am a pretty pink unicron.

    “Damn, I wouldn’t mind those marketing chicks, uh, reading my e-mail.” Damn right, bro.

  28. I can has double post?

  29. Great, laughed my guts off here :D

  30. Has Eric’s iPod caught on fire yet?

  31. LAST!!!

  32. POST LAST!!

  33. POST POST LAST!!!1

  34. Does a strip that has nothing to do with Eric, Richard, or Linus count as jumping the shark?

  35. @JBoy:

    Check here for past strips not featuring the characters:

    Now, as far as “has nothing to do with Eric, Richard, or Linus” here you have strips that do feature the characters when they actually don’t have anything to do with the topic, except for some fictional relation. These are just two, there are a lot more examples.

    So… no.

  36. i love ever body loves raymond,and the acter are good,but i would lik ti say is my baby boys name is raymond and my oldler son name is robert and my daughter n law name is debbie, keep up the good fun for all, good luck to all, and we will miss ray’s show dad.

  37. Nice troll!

  38. Is meowhous demonstrating how to placate a troll?

  39. Meanwhile, gmail now does IMAP.

  40. why people waste time in trolling? it’s more funny to watch tv, than to see stupid comments like mine about trolls :p.

    when is the next strip coming out? please i want it, i need it XD.

  41. Troll Trolling trolled trolled trolls trollingly.

  42. “Damn, I wouldn’t mind those marketing chicks, uh, reading my e-mail”

    Oblig. Simpsons quote:
    “I don’t think you understand the mechanics of heterosexual sex.”

  43. OMG! LAST AGAIN!!!!one!

  44. Troll Trolling is trolled by trolled trolls Troll Trolling trolled trollingly.

  45. Why are we waiting? because John is masturbating… when he should be creating… oh why are we waiting?

  46. I guess Hans Reiser got his hands on John after all….

  47. Meanwhile Eric is still out there. This time he’s trashing Red Hat on a public forum:

  48. Come on John, Dave’s above link to ESR’s latest tirade is perfect material for a new ELER strip!!!

    We need to have at lest one new ELER every two months or we’re going to have to start mocking your laziness toward mocking ESR!



  49. Any update, ever?

  50. So, the strip is dead, or will rise from its ashes?

  51. I don’t know, but I will continue to check everyday! Twice a day!

  52. New strip plz.

  53. Checking for new strip every day (although authomatically). There is still hope :) They couldn’t have run out of ideas so quickly, it must be other activities interfering.

  54. Inspired by ELER, I started a new webcomic called Bushy and Mushy. I’ve just created one: but I have no idea whether I’ll do it regularly.

    I’d love your feedback on this – just check the latest post on my blog for the comic. :)

  55. come on, come on, how long do we have to wait!

  56. Waiting for John; seems a bit strange, right Vladimir?

  57. “Published at the precise moment you give up hope and stop checking”

    I refuse giving up my hope!

  58. poaching on your territory again.

  59. “I refuse giving up my hope!”

    Oh so it’s all your fault then

  60. Perhaps the joke is more subtle this time in that it’s continually reflecting ESR’s current relevance to the community.

  61. JBoy is obviously right about ESR’s non-relevance to the community, but that doesn’t diminish in the least ESR’s ability to be mercilessly mocked in hilarious web comics.

    We need a new ELER comic now!!!


  62. I just keep coming to read the reader’s comments.

  63. you’re not alone

  64. Do not try to force the strip; that’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth: There is no strip.

  65. [Insert ASCII-ESR here]

  66. Or what the heck:

    [Insert ASCII-Goatse here]

  67. Do you know any way to contact the John Leach fella? We need to make him feel the pressure.

  68. According to:

    We can start bothering John to post a new comic via:

    And he further states:

    “You can find me on MSN messenger with the same e-mail address, on Jabber and on VOIP at

    Let’s guilt him into making us more funny stuff to look at!


  69. Relax, it’s been only 3 months of inactivity…

  70. it worked!

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