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Do tribes have the equivalent of a villiage idiot? Pissing on graves, sheesh; I’m choking on clich├ęs here.

Geek celebrity update: Jon ‘maddog’ Hall commented on the Linus(r) post.

I’m caving in to pressure and am planning to introduce some new characters. I need new bodies to do this. This is where you, and the power of creative commons/free culture, comes in. If you have a digital camera, an example of typical geeky attire, and a hilarious human body then you can help. Dress in the aforementioned attire, have a friend take a few photos of you posing in typical comic-strip stances, send photos to (only send photos here. fan/hate mail should always go to

You agree to license your photos under a Creative Commons Attribution License so I can use them quite freely. Ensure you are very well lit; try outside in daylight. Try to get the white balance set right. Try to stand in front of a plain uniform background, or at least one in clear contrast to your clothing. The rest is up to you.