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Cancomical Lynchpad

everybody loves eric raymond episode 42 strip

Canonical’s is currently not free software. The FAQ on the site explains no more than this. I contacted Mark Shuttleworth about it and he told me this:

“Parts of Launchpad are already free software, we’ve released pieces that we knew would help other projects like Gnome doing similar work. We’ll continue releasing pieces until, in a few years, the whole platform can be made free. If hackers are interested in helping to componentize a huge monolithic Zope3 app, we could release the Registry and Rosetta as standalone pieces a lot sooner.”

He says the FAQ will be updated to reflect this. So, conspiracy over. Unless you want to discuss the wording of “can be made free” rather than perhaps “will be”.

Mr. Shuttleworth has yet to deny eating babies.

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