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February 23rd, 2007

everybody loves eric raymond episode 61 strip

Announcing Eric Raymond Facts. Work out the current wave of esr induced frustration by suggesting new esr facts

ESR Fedora/Ubuntu strip coming up next week.

UPDATE: Ok, we’ve caved to popular demand and have launched a new t-shirt design: Che Stallman. We’ve also added a Bruce Schneier design and some stickers too. These are currently (26/03/07) on pre-order, so please be patient waiting for delivery. Thanks!

Bruce Schneier with guns for some reason

Bruce Schneier Facts

A few things you probably didn't know about Bruce Schneier. The Bruce Schneier Facts Database.

Knuth is my Homeboy t-shirts

Knuth is my homeboy T-shirts

Available at the ELER Shop. Be the envy of the tiny minority of your friends who know who Donald Knuth is.


  1. Hahaaha!

    And only 8 days after the previous one? What’s going on guys? I’m scared :-(

  2. Great, keep up the good work.

  3. There needs to be a link to wikipedia’s entry on Che Guevara:

  4. …I’m STILL laughing about the “sugar” line…

    But you know why I think this is one of the best? Because it’s highly topical and based on very recent current events. … very *funny* recent current events…

  5. An RMS as CHE t-shirt.

  6. That was the greatest Pink and the Brain reference ever.

  7. [...] Everybody Loves Eric Raymond. El de la izquierda es rms, alias Richard Stallman, fundador del proyecto GNU y la fundaciĆ³n [...]

  8. The shirt? Who’s that?-)

  9. Brilliant

  10. Your strip’s as fine as ever. Keep them coming, they’re great.

    /me runs out of the room laughing loudly…

  11. Next one should be about esr moving away from Fedora, cheers keep on the good (hilarious) work.

  12. The shirt is Matthew Garret I think

  13. Or the slightly camp one from the carry on films…

  14. Or the slightly camp one from the Carry On films

  15. Let it be known — I’d buy at least one RMS-as-Che t-shirt. And I bet a million other people would, too.

  16. Charles Hawtrey?

    …it does rather. But I doubt it is.


  17. Because I’m really nice and love ELER, I won’t send a cease-and-desist for using an all rights reserved image. :)

  18. Way to go, atleast one per week is fine my me, but don’t quit publishing ELER!

  19. Linux format gave away some RMS as Che t-shirts for their letter of the month

  20. How’s the RMS-as-Che shirt coming along?

  21. I’m in for a couple RMS shirts. I love this site.

  22. I, for one, would welcome our new RMS-as-Che tshirts.

  23. I would definitely buy a RMS-as-Che t-shirt.

  24. Another one for the RMS-as-Che shirt.

  25. Would definitely get me one of those RMS-as-Che shirt. In-fucking-deed

  26. But burlap chafes me so…

  27. Good site! I found in +

  28. ++RMS-as-Che shirt

  29. 0h5ng2sn0f560b4

  30. How very interesting. Praise for third world dictators on the one hand, and derision for fledgling first world dictators on the other.

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